December 1943 School Magazine




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December, 1943

Brisbane Gills' Grammar School Magazine

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Another year is drawing to a close and with it the School life of many of us . These years that we have spent at school have not been entirely pleasure-nothing worthwhile ever is- but they have come to a n end leaving a feeling of regre t for something which can never be re-lived, and it will be the memory of the happiness that we have experienced as part of the school that will rema in with us. Within the smaller world of school we have been learning to live as members of a community, to obey its laws and to shoulder its responsibilities, so that we may eventually be more fitted to take up the duties of citizenship . To some, the continuance of studies while there is being waged a war for our existence may seem of s light importance. But those men who are fighting and dying are doing so to preserve for us the right to continue these studies, and for a new and better world in which the educated man and woman must play a prominent part. Therefore we, as the citizens of tomorrow, must b egin now to prepare ourselves for the responsibilities of the future , which must be underta ken not only for those who will come after, but also to keep faith with those who have died in order tha t that future may be of our own making.

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December, 1943

Brisbane Girls' :Grammar School Magazine

.·Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

by Mrs. Minto) was originated and donated for eigh- teen years ;and now her memory is honoured by Colonel John Grant's gift to the School of a Memorial Prize, the Hilda Florence Neville Grant Prize for Science. We shall miss her thoughts for us and we offer . our deep sympathy to her family. SCHOOL NEWS. In spite of the fact that in the third term much of our time was devoted to sport, and that our energies are directed to study, the War Work Group have con- tinued their work. 33 pairs socks, 2 pairs mittens, 67 mess- bags, 33 jug covers, 303 handkerchiefs and 51 washers have been sent to the Australian Comforts Fund and 5 rugs and 2 sleeveless pullovers to the Bush Nursing Association. In the winter terms sports were again in favour, and we achieved considerable success. The Inter-School Athletics Carnival was held on the 4th Sept. at the Exhibition Ground an:d this year the whole school was again able to attend. De- tails of all sports results are given later in this issue. Friday afternoon each week was a busy time for everyone when various clubs met. One of the most popular of these was the First Aid Group and many girls have now become quali- fied First Aiders. On Saturday, 16th October, Miss Morrison arranged a con- cert at the City Hall in aid of Red Shield Funds. Choirs from Somerville House, Clayfield College and the School took part, and with the assistance of visiting artists an enjoyable pro- gramme was presented. Proceeds reached over £100 and we feel proud to have helped in this effort. During this half, Madame Smikoff has been absent on leave and her place on the staff was filled by Mrs. Topper. We are glad to have Madame back with us again after her short absence. It is with great regret that we record the death of Mr. H. S. McNair, who for many years had taken the photographs of teams which appeared in this Magazine, and many others of forms or of the School buildings and grounds. Many of us will remember his care in arranging groups, his pride in his work, his courtesy and his consideration for us . His place will be hard to fill. 15

MRS. E. M. LILLEY. We wish to record with sympathy the death of Mrs. E. M. Lilley which occurred on October 21st of this year. Mrs. Lilley was a life-long friend of the School, joining her interest and care to that already given to the two schools by Sir Charles Lilley and her husband, Mr. Edwin M. Lilley, K.G, the one Chair- man, the other a member of the Board of Trustees. In smcrll things and great, in intimate entertainments ·and high festivities, Mrs. Lilley showed unfailing interest in the progress of the School and in the 1iberal education of all girls, especially of those under Miss Llilley's care. Even during her illness, the School kept its proud place in Mrs. Lilley's mind and heart. We honour her memory, think with gratitude of her affection and care, and offer this record with sympathy to her family, and in particular to Miss :Lilley our sympathy and love. Mrs. JOHN GRANT. It is with deep regret that we place on record in the School Magazine the death of Mrs. John Grant, ihe elder daughter of the late Col. C. F. Plant, for many years a Trustee of the School. Mrs. Grant attended the School as a pupil from 1898 to 1905 and her career was distinguished; she iook particular interest in English, History and Science, and she won a medal for Botany in the ;Sydney Senior Examination, 1905. She was captain ·of the School Tennis team, and her strong, gay per- sonality left its mark on many who went through the School with her. After School years, her interest showed itself in ·gifts to the School,-a set of microscope slides, made by her at the University of Queensland, is still in use; furniture from her girlhood home stands in the School; books and pictures were given to us; the Phyllis Hobbs Memorial Prize (now to be presented "1'4

., .i

December, 1943

December, 1943

Brisbane Girls' ·Grammar School Magazine

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine


We were given the rather doubtful privilege of occupying one of the oldest classrooms in the school, where, alas, we were more often heard than seen. Although we practised hard and often our team~ did ~ot shine in the Inter-form athletics, but we hope combmed w1th V.B. next year to keep up the standard of Sixth in splendid victory.. After a most exciting game we were narrowly defeated by V.B. in net-ball. Our tennis team met a similar fate. But there is at least one bright ray of sunshine in this athletic gloom for to Betty Bolger, one of our representatives in the Inter-~chool Athletics we can offer congratulations on her success m the Senior goaling. Not even the dismal weather on that eventful day could dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of either com- petitors or barrackers. Our activities in club work have been varied and as a sm~ll form we are particularly proud of the spectacular rug we kmt- ted earlier in the year-design and colour scheme by M1ss Cotttew. h' h We thank Sixth Form for the invitation to their dance w 1c provided both an enjoyable evening and much joyous antici- pation for at least a month beforehand. Congratulations Sixth! We hope to be as successful next year. In the midst of our happy school life we are not unmind- ful of the more serious events of the year. From the school grounds the passing troop-trains, the laden trucks and the rows of military huts serve to remind us of the debt we owe the men of our own and allied countries. To them fo r having made our homes and lives more secure we tender our heartfelt gratitude. To Miss Lilley and the Staff for having made the past year such a pleasant one, we say "thank you" and wish one and all a Happy Christmas. V.B. As a record number returned to school to study for the Senior, we "Fifths" were divided into two forms. Although work- ing together in some subjects, both forms have welcomed and enjoyed a friendly rivalry, especially in the sphere of sport. Although individuals excel in sport, as a form we have not met with any spectacular success. Much hard practice and June's brilliant running gained us fifth place i~ the Int~r-for~ Athletics. Congratulations to Sixth Form on thmr splend1d wm on that day. !7

For the last time in our school lives it is our privilege to record here our doings of this year. It has been a happy year for all of us and we will be able to look back on it with pleasure in the future. We have shown our prowess in the field of sport this year by winning Miss Mollison's cup for athletics. After a hard match against IV.C. we were defeated in Net-ball, and we again met IV.C. in the Tennis, only to meet a like fate. Con- gratulations to them on their double win. Many of our mem- bers are in Net-ball and Athletics teams, and we have enjoyed very much helping Mrs. O'Dwyer in games periods, and Miss Elliott on Friday afternoons. There was also a keen interest evinced in the various clubs, particularly First Aid, and as the day of the exam. drew near, the room frequently resembled a casualty clearing station, and unsuspecting non-First Aiders who entered were immed- iately seized upon as likely patients. The fruit of all this prac- tice was seen in the results they obtained. The Sixth Form took part in the various school activities that occurred this year. They were in evidence at the Garden Party-in fact Sixth-formers with a cash b ox were usually the first sight that met the visitors eyes . Later, on the lawn, we were again seen, when we defeated combined V. and com- bined IV. form teams in the Ba ll Games Display. We confess, hoever, that our success was not due to long practice. On Friday, 8th October, we held our Dance and our invita- tion to V. Form met with great response. If the expressions of regret when it was over were an indication of individual feeling, it must be agreed that it was a most enjoyable affair. As we write, the Senior is looming up before us, and the time is near when we will no longer be Grammar School Girls except in spirit. We wish the rest of the school the best of luck in the forth-coming examinations, and hope that, although this is our last year as part of the School, we shall be asso- ciated with it for many years to come. V.A. The large number of girls returning to school after the Junior this year necessitated the division of Fifth into two forms, and Miss Cottew's appointment as V.A.'s form mistress has meant a very happy year for us. '16

December, 1943

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

:Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

but our hopes were soon dashed and we found ourselves with IV.D. We combined with V.A. for the Inter-form Athletics and suc- ceeded in gaining places in several events. Our congratula- tions go to Sixth form on their win. We were represented at the Inter-school Sports by Joan Wardle, and during the year Alison Moorhead played for the School in the Tennis fixtures. Our form teams were unsuccessful, meeting stiff opposition in the first round in each sport. We thank Sixth form for extending to us an invitation to their dance, which we all enjoyed very much. We all know that this is our last year at the School and we all agree that it has been a happy one. We wish to thank all who have helped to make it so, and in conclusion would like to wish Miss Lilley, Mrs. Jackson and the rest of the staff health and prosperity in the New Year. IV. A. For many of our Form this is the last year at the schooL It has been a most enjoyable year for us all, even though we have had the thought of the Junior before us all the while. On returning to school after the Mid-Winter holidays we were all sorry to hear that our Form Mistress, Madam Smikoff was very ill and in hospital. We would like to thank Miss Lilley and Miss Macmillan for the time they gave up to take us for French four times a week until our new Form Mistress and French teacher, Mrs . Topper, came and carried on the· hard work. We wish to congratulate Sixth Form on their victory in the Inter-form athletics. We were proud of ourselves also on that day for we took fourth place, gaining eighteen points. At both. Net-ball and Tennis we succeeded in defeating IV.B. but IV.C. proved themselves to be the best of the Fourths at both. We had six representatives in the Inter-school athletics, two in the School Net-ball team and one in the School Swimming team. We felt very honoured at the beginning of the year when we were moved into the room upstairs and we have taken a pride in keeping it clean and tidy. During the year we made a rug for the Bush Nursing Asso- ciation and we have kept up our weekly contributions to the Prisoner of War and Hospital Funds. On Saturday, October 19

After two most exciting games, we just defeated V.A: and Commercial V. in Net-ball, but found success impossible when opposed by IV.C. A like fate awaited our Tennis team which was narrowly defeated by the invincible IV.C. Congratula- tions IV.C. on your double win! School Athletics and Tennis teams contained a large sprinkling of V.B., and there are several pockets to our credit. Towards the end of the second term, Parents' Day provided a pleasant diversion and V. were chosen to give a Gym. Dis- play on the lawn. Despite our stiff limbs, we managed (by working feverishly during dinner hours) to finish two rugs, complete with linings, for the Bush Nursing Association, in time io be exhibited on Parents' Day. Those who were not taking part in the Display or in the Ball Games, helped with afternoon tea, and we all feel we contributed to the success of the after- noon. V.B. showed an active interest in all clubs, but the Debating Club proved the greatest attraction. Unhappily our form room was chosen next to the Staff Poem, q nd we take this opportunity of apologising for any inconven- ience our hilarity at times may haVE~ caused; also for .Our scme- what hasty tempers over such trival matters "as ink spilt over our belongings, or hats and lunch tins found decorating our rooin-fot ours is the Detention Room also. The greatest social event of the year for us-the Sixth Form dance-monopolised all conversation for weeks before and after the occasion. It was a great success, and we heart- ily thank all responsible for providing us with such a enjoyable evening.. We would like to thank Miss Lilley, Miss Maclean and all members of the Staff for the constant help they have given us throughout the year, and wish them all a very Happy Christ- mas; and to all Seniors and Juniors, "Good Luck" in their ex- aminations. Commercial V. Reflecting upon our activities during 1943, we come to the conclusion that it has been a good year from every point of view. At the beginning of the year, twelve of us found ourselves. in Commercial Fifth, but during the year our number has been depleted by two. We hoped vainly for a form room of our own, Hi

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine December. 1943 16th , we exercised our vocal cords at the City Hall in Miss Morrison's Concert in aid of the Red Shield Mobile Canteen. By the selling of tickets our class raised £7. We looked forward to an enjoyable time at our Form Picnic at Manly on October 23rd, when we were to be accompanied by Mrs. Topper and Mrs. Gleghorn. But alas! the weather was unfavourable and the picnic postponed. Once again we would like to thank Madame, Mrs. Topper and the rest of the Staff for their continued help during the year. We wish the Seniors and also the other Junior Forms the best of luck in the forthcoming examinations. IV. B. Our second, and for some of us , our last year of Grammar School life has passed very quickly, leaving us with memories of a happy Fourth Form year under Miss Crooks' careful guidance . Although we practised diligently, we did not distinguish ourselves in the Inter-form matches, and we wish to congratu- late the victors who well deserve their trophies. However IV.B. had 11 representatives in the Inter-school Athletics team and I in the Swimming team. Lois Freeman gained her Blue for swimming and Sylvia Cossins, her pocket for Athletics. We have almost completed our second rug, which may prove useful next winter. One afternoon, Miss Lilley kindly allowed us to act the Trial Scene from the Merchant of Venice in the Assembly Hall before the other Fourth forms. We all sang in Miss Morrison's concert in the City Hall , which, owing to her unfailing enthusiasm, was a great success. We had a very enjoyable day on our form picnic on October 30th, and thank Miss Crooks and Mrs . O'Dwyer for accompanying us. Before concluding, we wish the Seniors and other Juniors every success; and thank Miss Lilley and the Staff for the un- tiring interest they have shown in us throughout the year. IV.C. Most of us realise, with regret, that this is our last year at school. It has been a very pleasant and happy one and we would take this opportunity of thanking Miss Lilley, our form mis tress , Miss Benney, and a ll other members of the staff for their many kindnesses to us. 20

December. 1943

Brisbane ·Girls' Grammar School Magazine

Although our scholastic record has not been all that we wished, sport has saved our reputation. We have won both the Net-ball Shield and the Tennis Cup. We have hopes of winning the Swimming Cup too but only time will tell whether we shaii succeed. We were represented by Gabrille Webster, Vonnie Knudsen, Va!erie Sneyd, EeryI Elliott and Yvonne Graham in the School Net-ball teams and by June Robertson and Nola Eichorn in the A Tennis team. We were represented by Gabrielle Webster, Vonnie Knudsen, .and Beryl Elliott while Val Sneyd won a Blue. Our efforts in the knitting this year were rewarded by the presence of a rug at the display on Parents' Day. Owing to the rainy weather we were unable to go on our picnic with IV.D. to Shorncliffe, and we had to postpone the picnic until after the Junior. We have tried to live up to our motto "Strive to Excel" bu t only the Junior can prove our success. Yes! we can truly say that our two years a t the School have been grand and we wish Miss Lilley a nd the Staff a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. IV. D. As the year 1943 draws hastily to a close the majority of us realize that it is the end of our days a t the School. The events of the past year will always remain in the memories of most of the Form. We are also reminded of the approaching examinations and extend our sincere wishes for success to other Junior and to Senior candidates. Although our members are small, as a form we have takPn an all round part in school activities. We began to knit a rug which is not yet completed, but we a lways contribute regularly to the Hospital and Prisoner of War Fund. In the Inter-school athletics we were represented by four girls, Marjorie Roberts winning her pocket. In the Inter-schcol Swimming Marion Speed won her blue. In the Tennis teams we were represented oy Lois Brett who won her pocket. Although we think we played well in Inter-form sport, we were not very successful; we hope to show more of our good work in the Swimming Carnval. 21

December. 1943

Brisbane · Girls' Grammar School Magazine

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School' Magazine

December. 1943

III. B. At the end of the first term, our form mistress, Miss Maclardy, left us, and, after a few weeks without a form mistress, we were indeed very glad to welcome Miss Weaver in her place. Although, on Inter-form Athletics Day, we gained no points, two members of our form competed in the Inter-school sports. In Net-ball, we beat our first opponents III.A., but were in our turn defeated by III.C. In the Tennis matches, Wt!f lost to III.A. In the first half-yearly examinations, we mana~ed to secure the highest average percentage of the Third Forms. Last term, we were without the aid of a French mistress for a few weeks, after which time Madame Smikoff's place was taken by Mrs. Topper. Now we are very glad to see Madame back with us, after her long stay in hospital. III. C. As we approach the end of 1943 we reflect upon the mem- ories of our work and sport. We will always remember our first Inter-form Sports Day; we were not very successful but we all enjoyed ourselves im- mensely. A few of our girls, Joyce Henzel!, Carol Clark and Joan Munro took part in the Inter-school Sports and we were sorry we did not have more representatives . We also took part in the Tennis but, unfortunately were eliminated in the first round. We would like to congratulate IV.C. on their success. Our team excelled themselves (at least we think so) at Net- ball in which we won the finals of the Third Forms. Here again we must join in congratulating IV.C. on their achievements. We have all enjoyed our gym. and games periods under Mrs. O'Dwyer as well as our swimming on Tuesdays. Under the direction and kindness of Miss Elliot and our other mistresses we have spent a happy year in the cottage and would like to thank the Staff for their devoted attention. We would also like to wish the girls sitting for Senior and Junior the best of luck and good papers. P.S. (by the rest of the form). The form feels that it owes a debt of gratitude to Lois James who, as our form captain has done a great deal to help us. We hope that we have not made her work too hard, or un- pleasant. 23

We should not be judged by our class room as we inhabit the Library Room. The Magazine table is never tidy and, as we cannot get out of the habit of taking our hats with us, it is often covered with these. We are not to be blamed entirely for the mess as the room is used as much by the rest of the school as by us, especially by the boarders who seem to delight in leaving there as many books a s possible. "Digging for Victory" has been very helpful to us, at least it has given us a reason for our lack of flowers. We record with modest pride, however, a day when we did have flowers on the table. On 4th of December we shall be going to Shorncliffe for our Form Picnic, and shall be accompanied by IV.C., Miss Benney and Mrs. Jackson our Form Mistress . In conclusion may we wish the School a Happy Christmas and a brighter and more peaceful New Year. III. A. Our first year at the School has almost ended and has prov- ed to be a very happy one for all of us. We wish to thank Miss Baker for the assistance she has given us in striving to keep our motto, "Labore et Honore", although, perhaps some- times the noise which issued from III.A. class room between lessons rather perturbs the mistresses in the adjoining rooms. However, .. in sport we excelled ourselves and are proud of having secured third place in the Inter-form athletics. We wish to congratulate VI. on winninq the day. In tennis we managed to secure the supremacy of the thirds, but were finally defeated by IV.C. The least said about Net-ball the better, as we were defeated in the first match by III.B. To IV.C. as winners of the Net-ball Shield and the Tennis Cup we send our heartiest con- gratulations. In the School athletics team we had 7 remesenta- tives of our form and in the School Swimming team we had one form member to uphold the honour of III.A., and we have several promising swimmers for the carnival. We were most disappointed on hearing that we W')uld be unable to have a form picnic this year on account of transport difficulties, but we must make some sacrifice in these troubled times. To Miss Lilley and the Staff we extend most cordial Christmas wishes and hope that next year, as IV.A., we shall gain a better reputation than as III.A. of 1943. 22

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

"Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

III. D. This year III.D. has had a very successful year in both work a nd sport. All the girls work together and we all have enjoyed the first year at our secondary school. Our Form Mistress, Mrs. Gleghorn, was absent for six weeks of second term on account of illne ss. Miss Elliott and Mrs. Jackson of III. C. and IV.D. respectively, kindly took Mrs. Gleghorn's place during her absence and the Form is very grateful for what they have done. We were successful in the Inter-form Athletics in which we are .very proud of coming second and so defeating all forms except Sixth form. We have not been so successful in the Inter-form Net-ball and Tennis matches but we congratulate those who were. We are all busily preparing for the November examinations and hope we a ll do well in order to end our first year success- fully. We a lso wish all girls sitting for Senior and Junior ex- aminations every success. III. E. First of all we would like to thank our Form Mistress Miss Kennedy for the keen interest she has shown in all our doings. We have been represented in the School Swimming and Net-ball teams and we contributed several members to the Inter-school Sports teams. One of our members was successful in obtaining a School Pocket for Swimming. We were defeated, however, in all the Inter-form matche:o, but it was not from lack of help on the. part of Mrs. O'Dywer or from lack of enthusiasm shown by the Form. On Parents' Day we were especially interested in the Drinks Stall which we helped to run and equip. On the 16th October, Miss Morrison, our s inging Mistress, arranged a concert in a id of Patriotic Funds in which we were the only third form from the School to take part. We have all enjoyed and benefited by our first year at our new school. Good luck to the Junior and Senior candidates and the Season's Greetings to Miss Lilley and the Staff.

BOARDER'S NOTES. After the very unsettled time last year, the boarding house is back to normal now with its usual complement of thirty-two boarders. We would like to welcome Miss Campbell as Matron, in place of Miss Brett, and hope she has enjoyed he r fi rst year w ith us, a lthough it has been a very hard one . After first term we lost Miss Maclardy from the resident - s taff ~ and welcomed Miss Weaver in he r place. During the year a new species of boarder arrived. Th is was Mr. Frackleton! He has become a regular pet amongst us and has monopolised a great deal of our attention. We would like to thank Miss Lilley a nd Miss Campbell for .arranging a very pleasant evening for" us during the second term, a t which we entertained some of the boys from the Gram- mar School. The School's C. Tennis team was comprised of boarders and we congratulate them on their w in agains t Ipswich Gram- .mar School. We will conclude by thanking all concerned for the Satur- day afternoon outings and various tennis tournaments arranged :for us, and by wishing everyone happy holidays, and success _in the coming year. -P.C., VI.



Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

December, 1943

l!risbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

Sports Notes TENNIS, 1943.

after which three teams played. The C. team was composed of boarders . The teams were very grateful to Miss Lilley and the Sports' Club for arranging tennis coaching by Mr. England, and it has helped considerably towards our success. The school has taken a great interest in the Inter-form Tour- nament, and the play has .been very keen. In the semi-finals, IV.C. defeated V.B. by one game, and defeated VI. form in the finals. Mr. England has continued his coaching, and the numbers increased so much this year, that two classes were formed . The girls benefited greatly from his tuition. Our courts were kept in very good condition this year, and

Our first matches of the year were against the Old Girls. Three teams participated, the Old Girls being successful with both A and B teams, and the Presep t Girls with their C team. The play was very keen, and the afternoon most enjoyable. Again this year the usual Association Fixtures did not take place, but eight schools p layed friendly matches. Both our teams, A and B, remained undefeated throughout the season. Ipswich Grammar School visited us this year, and we spent a very pleasant day. We had a picnic luncheon on the lawn

A. TENNIS. TEAM, 1943.

B. TENNIS TEAM, 1943 . G. Blair

N. Eichhorn

J. Robartson

V. Hendren (Capt.)

J. Perkins

Y. Collett (Capt.)

L. Brett.

A . Moorhead. 27


Brisbcirie Girls' ·Grammar School Magazine

"Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

December, 1943

we would like to thank our groundsmen for doing them so regularly for us. It helps to make the game more enjoyable~ Miss Lilley has taken a very keen interest in our progress. and tennis in general, and we are very grateful to her. We are also indebted to Miss Kennedy fo r her untiring efforts towards our success, and take this opportunity of thank her. We also wish to thank the girls who so willing helped with the after" noon teas and scored for our matches. V.H.~V. CRlTIClSM OF THE TEAM. June Robertson has p roved a very s trong member of the team. Her fore- hand drive a nd backhand a re very sound, but her service should be more· forceful. She shows good judgment in the. placing of balls. Nola Eichorn has improved her game this year, but should concentrate on her service. Her volleying and forehand drive are well controlled, but her· backhand needs practice. Brett has improved this season but her foot-work spoils an otherwise· good game. Her volleying and service a re sound, but she could move· more quickly on the cour t. - V.H. Valda Hendren has been a most reliable and helpful Captain and a consistently good player. Her forehand and backhand drives are strong and her service has improved since last year. -D.V.K. SWIMMING. Because of war restrictions it was impossible to hold the· Inter-school Swimming Carnival a t the Booroodabin baths. Except for the lack of vocal support, it was satisfactorily h~ld at the Clayfield College pool.

The swimming was of a higher standard this year, and al- though we d id not meet with success, the team trained and co-operated excellently under the energetic supervision of Mrs. O'Dwyer, to whom we offer our thanks . Special mention should be given to Val. Sneyd for her bril- liant diving, by which she gained first place in the Senior d iving event. · Somerville House gained first place, with Clayfield College arid St. Margaret's in the second and third p laces, while we attained fourth p lace. - We hope that next year the war r2strictions will ·be lifted, and we will revert to the usual custom of holding the Carnival at the Boorocidabin baths. J.M.G-VL


A. NET-BALL TEAM, 1943. V. Sneyd, P. Pledger, V. Knudsen, L. Dunbar, V. Pask, G . Webster, M. Hynd (Capt.)

NET-BALL. This season has been a very enjoyable one for all net- bailers and the competition both in Inter-school and form matches was keen and good. As usual, our first Net-ball match was against the Old Girls . It resulted in a victory for each of three teams the Present Girls fielded. 29

SWIMMING TEAM, 1943. ). Shanahan, V. Sneyd, L. White, ). Collin, A. Lambert, V. Knudsen, M. Speed, L. Freeman, M. McWilliam, ). Caswell (Capt.) 28

December, 1943

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

:_ :Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

CRITICISM OF THE TEAM. M. Hynd (defence) throughout· th e season played a very sound game. Her· jumping improved this year, and the defence combination was good. She has again qualified for h e r Blue for the second year. G. Webster (goaler) goaled brilliantly in ' some matches but d id not con~­ sistently maintain this high standard of play. Her attack work was greatly · improved from last year. V. Knudsen (assistant goaler) played a good game throughout the s eason .. Her combination work with the goaler was effective and her goal throwing was sound. V. Pask (attack wing) a fast player who always managed to get the ball. into the goaler. Her jumping was good and her centre-court play was excellent .. She was unable to play in the last few matches because of illness. V. Sneyd (centre) by far the most outstanding member of the team. Her · play in all matches was brilliant and she gained her Blue . P. Pledger (defence wing) combined excellently with the defence and centre court. She jumped well and both her attack and defence games were very- good. She also gained her Blue. L. Dunbar (assistant defence) was a reliable memb er of "A" team. Her defending was always effective and she combined well w ith the other de- fenders. -M.H. ATHLETICS. In Second Term, we once more turned our attention to- Athletics and very soon the track became a hive of industry, The hour on Friday afternoon when Miss Elliott with the assist-· once of several members of VI. Form trained the III. Formers' was a great stimulus to the usual interest displayed by Thirds. On August 20th, we held our In ter-form Sports on the B.G.S. lower Oval, kindly lent by Mr. Carson-Cooling. At the close of a most enjoyable morning VI. Form won Miss Mollison's Cup! with 49 points, III.D. and III.A. were second and third respec~ tively with 23 and 19 points. , Immediately after this even t In ter-school teams were finalised and intensive training began. We had a strong team and achieved third p lace in the aggregate. We won the Senior! Cup, but the most noticeable weakness was in the Junior Team, 1 where lack of experience was evident. There is very good material there, but Thirds must remember that athletes ar~ · made as well as born. We congratulate St. Margaret's and St. Aidan's, who were successful in winning the Association and Junior Competitions respectively. Our team gave a good account of themselves. June Lupton by her fine win in the Open Championship and 75 yards, 15 years, won her Blue. Margaret Hynd again qualified for hers ! B. Pockets were won by T. Ross, M. Roberts, B. Elliott, P, Bertie, S . Cossins, V. Hendren, M. Hall, R. Bridge. We should like to thank Mrs . O'Dwyer and Miss Elliott, for their help and encouragement and to wish next year's teams greater success. M.H.--VI. 31

Soon after Easter, Inter-school matches began. Most team members were players of more or less experience, though sick- ness more than once made it necessary to change the teams. The B. teams, in particular were very strong and have gone ihrough unbeaten. The A. team, who play best when in a tight corner, were successful in al.l but their first match aaainst s~~h - All these matches were most enjoyable and we should like tci thank thte girls who assisted with the afternoon teas at the home matches . The Inter-form matches provided the school with much ex- dtement especially in the final, when IV.C. defeated VI. after a close match. It was interesting to note the number of prom- ising young players in third form, which augurs well for future ieams. In conclusjon, we should like to thank Mrs . O'Dwyer for de- voting so much of her lime to coaching; us, and no small part of our success is due to her help. Good luck to next year's teams.

B. NET-BALL TEAM, 1943. B. Pledger , ). Hulber t (Capt.), R. Bridge , Y. Grahcrm, W. Cowin , B. Bolgar, B. Elliott . 30

December, 1943":

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School• Magazine

December. 191l:r

:Brisbane Girl3' Grammar School Magazine

Club Notes

FIRST AID. As in previous years First Aid classes met on Friday after- noons, and we should like to thank Mr. Hosier for his inte re st- ing lectures, and his continued encouragement. The ·class was smaller than last year, but we hope it was no less keen. Bandaging was popular and whatever slight skill we may have lacked was compensated for by our en- thusiasm. As we were when we began bandaging we dread lo think of the fa te of any patient who had submitted to our ministrations, but we venture to believe that we have become· moderately proficient since then. An examination to test our knowledge was held recently, and it seems that the sufferings of the various patients have· not been in vain. We should like to thank Miss Lill ey for making the holding of the club possible, and Miss Maclean for helping us so much with our work. -Y.M.C. WANDERERS' CLUB NOTES. Have you ever been conducted round Parliament House? No7 Well, if you had been a Wanderer you would be able to say "yes" to that question . One of the honourable members showed us the principal features. In the Legislature Assembly room we d ivided into the Government and Opposition, one girl acting as Speaker of the House. Another giri was very p leas- ed when asked to read aloud the prayer with which the House is opened every morning. Some of our members had the great honour of signing the visitors's book. Our destination one Friday afternoon was the Museum where we were all very interested in the art display and the variou s other things which we saw. Twice the Shell Company very kindly sent up some films, one of which told of what was being done to combat the 'malaria-carrying mosquito. The Debating Club invited us to a deoate on "The Written Word against the Spoken Word" which we enjoyed very much . England was the subject chosen by two of our lecturers, Miss Campbell and Miss Barton, while Mrs . Herbert trans- ported us to Manila. 33


December. 1943

llrisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 194~

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

We all found the talk given by Mrs. Pueregger extremely entertaining as she told us of her life in Vienna before the war. On another occasion Mrs. Boulton took us to Palestine in imagination with the help of photographs and some native costumes, while Mr. White, also with the a id of pictures, gave us a very delightful talk on Kew Gardens. We should like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who gave up the ir valuable time to make our club so enjoyable. We are also very grateful to Miss Lilley who made it possible for us to hold these meetings, and to Miss Benney for arrang- ing the lectures and our two afternoons out wandering. Pame la Craddock, V.A. MUSIC. Once again this year the music club met on Friday after- noons during the second and third terms. Under the able leadership of Miss Baker we enjoyed singing several songs, some written by Schubert, some by Grieg, and others written i o show b ina ry and ternary forms in music . A feature of our meetings was a n idea introduced this year.

On three occasions girls volunteered to provide a musical hour for us by p laying some of the works of Chopin and Schubert. Miss Ba ker brought her v iola one day and played it for us. We enjoyed this very much. W e briefly stud ied the various instruments of the orchestra and learned to recognize some of the w ind instruments from records. A great deal of amusement was caused by Miss Baker's oboe which several g irls attempted to play, unsuccess- fully as regards good music. During our meetings we were fortunate enough to hear many lovely recordings of the music of Delius, Mozart, Chopin and Debussey, and thanks to the kindness of one of our mem· bers we heard a considerable part of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera, "The Mikado". In conclusion the members of the Club .;_,.ish to thank Miss Lilley for arranging the Club hour and Miss Ba ker for making the meetings such a success. They also w ish to extend sin- cere w ishes for Christmas a nd New Year to the members of the Staff and the School. . V.R. & J.I.-VI. WAR WORK NOTES. This year in spite of the d ifficulties we at first encountered in obtaining the materials necessary to keep us busy, we have been far from idle, and have sent quite a number of parcels of varied contents to the Comforts Fund. The Comforts Fund supplied us with materials and made it possible for us to pur- chase sock wool, and we have returned to them 40 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mittens, 75 mess bags, 53 jug covers, 303 hand- kerchiefs and 51 washers. 5 rugs and 2 sleeveless pullovers were sent to the Bush Nursing, and there are several more rugs still being fini shed. Our Friday afternoon work was made much more interest- ing by the attempt to make swabs . A few of us tried this in- tricate task and though we were all rather clumsy bs beginners we finally produced one or two experts. From our Wool Fund, donations have been made to the Red Cross and the Comforts Fund. In conclus ion we wish to tha nk Mis. Jackson ·,and Miss Kennedy who helped us greatly in our work. -S.S. & M.H. 35



:Brisbane Girls' · Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Magazine

December, 1943

vase. Miss Cottew provided the enamel and we had a glori- ous time experimenting with accidental colour schemes: results were surprising good. We are very grateful to Miss Lilley for allowing us this op- portunity to test the practical side of our art work. It is pleasing to know that some members have helped war funds considerably by contributing craft work to bazaars. We sincerely thank Miss Cottew for her instruction and kind assist- ance in making our club time always busy, happy and bright. . A Member. READING CLUB NOTES. The Reading Club, which has not been held for some years, has now come back into its own again. Though few in number, its members are all keen readers, and have spent many en- joyable hours together. We have confined ourselves almost entirely to reading J. M. Barrie's plays. Eight seems an admirable number in a circle of this kind, as all members are able to take an active part in the reading. We read "A Kiss for Cinderella", and "What Every Woman Knows", as well as most of Barrie's shorter plays, and several one-act plays by different authors. We extend our thanks to Miss Macmillan for the time she has spent with us and the help given us in the choice of read- ing matter. R.M.C.-VI. LIFE SAVING CLUB. When the Life Saving Club began this year all forms were represented, thus showing the interest taken in swimming by both seniors and juniors. Although we were able to do only land-drill and resuscita- tion during the two terms set aside for clubs, we are continu- ing our club to enable us to do the waterwork. We all hope after our examination to be able to display the rewards for which we are entering, as a practical proof of the work we have been doing. We take this opportunity of thanking Mrs. O'Dwyer for her help to both instructresses and pupils, and for the keen interest she has shown. J.M.C.-VI. 37

HANDICRAFTS CLUB. During the second and third terms this year thirty-three -girls spent ·an hour every Friday afternoon in the Art Studio. Obtaining materials was a problem but we were optimistic, .and on the whole managed quite well for the entire Handicrafts period. Our first craft-work was netting; when knots were mastered and string controlled we made useful string bags. Happily there was no shortage of felt so we used it for dress accessories such as fobs, shoulder posies, belts; larger articles -purses, bags and tea cosies were a lso made: all these articles were well designed and professionally fini shed. On Parents' afternoon our felt craft contributions were if! demand and sold well. Casting in plaster of paris, modelling with Nu-craft, bead weaving, paper rope making gave us other avenues to ex- plore and develop. The day we enamelled bottles will never be forgotten; we were told to bring an empty bottle or jar and convert into a


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