Grammar Gazette- Issue 4, 1993

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Girls' Onmunm data" Brisbane Girls' Grammar School Newspaper :incoporating the Appeal News

Term 41993

V01.2 issue N0 4

Fr'ends off to a good start Elsina Wainwrig second Rhodes Scholar for ir ra mar I



GirlandDebatingCap"in helped me. " Elsina has a message for all 51u

Alleori Lime


One of the presti@ours and CDV- dents at the school. "if you have aspi etch Rhodes Scholarships for 1993 rations andgoals, go fortlrem, bccru, co has b"n awarded to the 1988 Bri> you can really analnthem and you con brine Girly Grammar Sd, o0 cod surpyise you colt "Aim high and work hard and Girl, nun* WarnwrlgbL as^now 22 years old, is completing her final you're going to get alleas, timequar year in law at the University or lets of the way. or you could surprise yourself Bridgetthewholeway. It's so Queensbnd. asina was chosen by a selection easy to @ve up and think, 'rin never coin, wine comprising the Governor, going to getanywhere'. buttspnying Her Exce"ency Mrs IC, reen Fordq aad awlving ^elf, and pitsue ex time representatives of the universt- conence" RimtsSchohyhips were us- ties and profC, Biol". and three del egatos of tire Aumi bon of former) tabii, bed from tire estate of Cadliotm Rhodes and provided forthe selection Rhodes Scholars This achievenun filmls a dream of cohalars from various countries, in Baml"s always held : to attend Or- cladng Airs"amawlre, coneschainris ford. While at Oxford E!sin will be ch^ from coob store coch year











Plusent students ^ ^, bad' at the Hilimi for the ^urnh of F1to, ^ of Gims' Grammar

edge and value the urnqt@"s of chimea"on of w g am requestsl. studying for a Masters in hilumphy Toqiulifyforselectio, Landdaies the Setod Lady Schu^I told to I^r, top, ^dales wae unad- coltsnwional Relations . She wadd muslinvecompletod notl"slim two y 5S^berth. usgambled guts they chadd be mouy adoptsd. us myamg "^g lire to wo, kiniha Denyimeniof For ^rs stun AUSwiian university. The OnW Iy ap Affairs or in mumationnl rely q^titse^dmain, od"Scholar, hinds. fG^'Grin^,"^. loud of harmvol, "~I in the that the be ticrs but has nat ruled out tow as a as "fold by R^ I^. mm, road. t each d wily d Caplinl rime within. ", y and"hn, a. .,,,.,,.,,. o- use on the Beamne in Era, in the o career possibi"ty. nor at unto The ting so road" atso spedfied a 'Toad, e" fu Janu"y richa foiled halown $10 (An application form con be round Sthcol un the wily con^ td. at the bonem o the float page of this that win be her home for the next two for and a^ in co"cor spits", The toad these^Inns A unde range of members of the donne, n- years' wha, the ..,.~led the ni- although thin has ^ ova the chin of GBze"e. ) Echod bully uuo p~,. pat cod p^ un a un^, ^ by vastty of Queensland in the World yam, . gsma"y$ryoudon'11nveto pegco, subts. "ff, re^ts, and Gulofl^. Jam"co. She he's we, e tiped lip A nom^maticoinnnttee was also Uruver, ity Debanng C^pionships havehaeninthaRrst, aorRrstXVor byea"edunpast. todealsin^hen- sumorie, , hauntversityAgadetennis. Now. all Musical go^ from I. ,~,"I and Iar to "cherish" ties"dai mimeof elec"d Lady M^n ^hu^t co in Oxford gsma believes Irer education at they look forts thatyaiexemplify the past an^ts provi"d eniemnnient. the ^bool and haircoadhynt10 co^ the don of h^*at, r'sley r^DR Bonaruy ^Guy and Bri. ime Gins' ^ contribured spirittha R^ wantsdI^ ERhol- tire geene our its it. I. The String Qi, aru ars to have in some kind of energetic much to her ,ucoess. Tire finial o11idal event of the fobs Diala Lynch HDn^y side tomton baiiroom undinembers 'I funk tile school really enconr- punttit. " of the coneat band and on^ per. eveimg was to coring of the eel- Six co^its numbers ^e The other qinlities monade revo- ages lis stonent, to excel in all areas, formed a^'s own CGIchmimy chatory coke by the ^tipL bin sen. The first itsITE of business for tire and pusue all kinds of intere^ and don to duty. sympathy for and ^c- M^. Pad JulithHan^., adjhaommntH" Fanfare"itsriby aments, arenaPa"sadKjlieV", u Girls' BSIber Ienkins and Judith newor^i, .doriareamemberchipdri, e really to bring yam"hat' tone fun. " tion of tire w"k, mule*mmp Using Gnu^'56erondRhad" and the foam for hare cotiviti". ^e She also says Iha s^Iche"^in pert twomvdy. lyrical. ridcom- Hadwen. Tire lamb of tire coscoi. tion celebrating of the Sellool's birthday, 19 pub"c sireadng and netsimg is atso Scholari, animspi, atomtoaUofus and PIEx, its ms on harp and flute. finer"~,,. Sin^, sang"Itst's was fomowed by animaug"direct- Momh. and the cogsbi"ty of an coringI dire to experiences as Head Girl and ^mmly fives unto the setol mono : N" Sine I"hare. Debating Captain. wig hitch are for', a paror^ ing heki at the ^toI on Thus"y, on" were su^d "naving the opportunity as Head Another strong initial thrust of halts^ an e, ^ from the au- 21 or^. un Jim Pie^ re to fuse PCSa. I on the ham- this association is the development of Culto speakin", blic", d to represent thence. The gusts were welcomed by the ing of lire draft cointimtionfrul". a data bare of the ,kms of members. tha schoolwas, apin. worthwhile, to Thaserul"mulattosubintired tone This reflects one of the key aims or cause you jam to speak and ^ on C^"an of the Bond of Trusts". Khanrie Coots cho INSIDE. integrated Studies News p. 5

Me Cine Grusie. Lady Manreen JusticeDeparbnent fortlre mumses Friends: the establishment of a net. your feet. I think Ihaibeing immune Schubertdelivaed", wires tobi^- of mom^on. apusadureswhich work that will provide appropriate is one of the geared skims yin, con nthdti, Breed to promote. arknowl- may take conte mon, 118 axi gone mentors forthestudents o tire School. PC^mitte. ulcertaintybemgHead

Prize giving assembly p. 3



THE FR "DS O us' G

of The Riends orcirl. '


laby app y to hmm, e.

embershlp Ca

cock, there limb, e

Samam" aristan N"~. Nune: runst Tapbone:@O

Ordinary Member $10 e Men $100 Sealo Member $6 p. a Sridat. Meritsr DB.

On, "nt


Payment of $......".-............ is attached

Man^hip Fee' I rig" to be bound by

Rubs of be ^."on


IT"trad Use fob)

Recap Momb"hip Member Notified

'. Ier Entered


Page I GRAMMAR GAZEFrE. Term 41993

Barry Jones challenges st dents to confront the future




C 'o t o

' 's


Jd"rim Sing

in tits critical period of AUS halts's reus^^I of its cam masq Brts^ Gins' Gin^ School antiu"^"y wek^ the BOL "". fury Jong unLR. AirJo", oke ab", Iqn, entire the funr. ". Australia's ambassador to

The Mothers' Camp continues Ihe panel for the eventng, again to make a wingble contribution to chaired by Cherry I Hitst, was psy the lire or the Seto" Not only "d chia, fist, Ray Cash, cardiologist, the group raise $6700, but it also DavidCoquhoun, humanmovement comum^nthom, ok^mush spydalisL Tony Fader. and cola more invdved in and bowled Be- P^son and Iudy Somernne ribk about the school inVB or their The major fund raising func daughters lion for the year was a function at Fom general tireeting are held at SI Lucia Golf Club where the the School thronglru, t to year. The guests were entertained by guest of tilescineeimgs is to give moth- speaker, Famela Bomborst. then us the OPPrfunity to hear -hand the presenter of the ABC's 7.30 infoni"tion about setol activities, Report. ploy"nsanddevelopments. Titsyear The Mothers' Group also works the gongwasaddressed by tile Deputy to welcome new families to the Prime Miss Felicity Wil"ams. and School. in Mareh a House luncheon the Assistant PrincipaUCounselling was organised where mothers could Mrs Margot Lynch: Head of 18n- meet the seven Heads of House gunges, Ms haireThoroquist;Head whose role is to look after the day o Physical Education. Mrs Pauline 10 day care of our daughters. The Homey Short; and the libmri"I. Mrs group also undertakes the organi CarolCosgove, mm torsot, roereach- sation of the evening House barbe ers, Ms Kristine Cooke and Ms Nun cues for students of grades 8 and 9, Fadey theirJarnilies. the Head of House The group also organises spe- and the House Group teachers cial events. in May, following an These informal and friendly galh outdoor morning tea, the group Grings are held during first term hosted a panel discussion on worn. Within the Mothers' Group is en' s health i'sues. Prominent an active craftgroup who meeteach women it the health field. many of Friday. These mothers leant new them SL students of the School, skills and perfectmore familiarones shared their knowledgein this area. to create the original and clever Cherryl Hirst chaired the panel o products for the stalls held on BSther Andrews. gynaecologist, School Day and on other occasions Aidyth Love. general practitioner. throughout the school year. On Carla Patterson. n urnt, Qinst, SchoolDay the mothers also organ Glenda POWell. by siCian/genatri- ise a mammoth cake stall. Through cian. Carrie Ritehie, exercise SPC- these sorts of endeavours the Moth cialist, and Iudy Somerville. psy- ers' Group was able to donate chiatrist $10,000 fortwolarge outdoor rim The success of this even t brella and outdoor furniture which rom red a follow-u even ' rig have dane much to improve the cm which took the form of h ruden Iro ent or, thencal" on health issues concern- The Mothers' Orou welcomes ing middle age and adolescence the Interest and support of new Entitled "Us and Our Children ' members

UN. R'S. Co, President of the Austin"an Labor Party, and chair^ of the name or Rep, .. seats", CSS, .^Conmltoefu Long Tern Stint^Ia, ,". Joneg as a former Limbtsr ror Sthnce est. bush. d the Auldbn Con ribion for the Future Mrs Rancork, members or fill ' it:';en;I:- ;"!"b:: BanyJones andour^atedguestsin Gehimann Theatre Grammar assembled in the simplein tommyb, in to batimgthe sri^ cutien"y at the School Gehrmann Theatre on the after I^16 oreunor"me Anus^an 800ts uru beatleast21. Nowis the time noon of Thinsday 17 September. and services promoting the buying foreachfi, toredtizen tomake his Outhtsfualdnyofterm, hit ones or A^ian. ,made products, and or her contribution. spoke to a group or people con- coating an equitable and reformed Fomo, linerssp"ch, MrJones coned aim, , Anustralto's futone mm^^ "k .furs un^ hat an"endq^omandjo^son and ready to take the rapusibm- bead""medham^ble, dentshm^Cm^"hads by forthecha"008.8andrewards nor do they nana alpha cor acel- for afternoon tea ,h diga. s inherent in confronting the halts knt infog at^ don continued. thatchapetheA^altoc, tonor. The audiencewasalso reminded The At here anb was ape row. that the'tip drierve"13.01the any "^I to Mrs Mon'orb Mr Jong encoringed big an. only dabth. Auto"an pub- end "LP, Kath. rime Benzal y the students to dou The co"I red^I^ orA"* Lee, and rin. John Webh, orb mmg^e the importsnee or ae- info is co important as cor CCD- Faculty or^Isto^"bowere lemming e Id. " of our comic reamq, . As a united nation, instrumental in omanth the country - , NII"cony, A^ha xi add^ toth to^ v^ coda^y. nuke^lab. funim^, The dub vieomed nth. Joins ing the problematic tsues to be 1,110 this reus^"Its the asits, ,his to provide a toriim to our ti M , y Cure. t chats annual1.8 the ap discuss the type or important b. Irish"ingtha Arshalbabhad State and recoindliation between For all widents who are pre the potential for overcoming Abori, ,"land, ton-Aboriginal Any pared to undertakethed"tiesaad them. tmlb"s. The outcomes or these ae- "viaanchoredre^methe, "tire As our economic outlook bales ""I deter"be mush or the D/A. rstr. I^Berry Questsplred b*hta*, bendt. ,*is to purr"* und on^""I or nation a Ruse or p for the nat begln. Waiting for recovery was in the next centsry - when every year ~ and the nat mumry.

Encouragement to continue study of German




About120s, ladentsfromallover Brisbane took part The afternoon

Angela Wilson



Foreigylang"agesarebecoming began with a wereomefrom the Gen ' bS lad . on k map Depthnent at the university, or a roreico fuguage is u. S. d us a These were a quiz about Gen dadder when offering a Nation many Ontime Girls' Grimmer With tnn in mind, live German School won the Year 10 and 11 sec students in Years 10 and U went to dons), German word*nines and a Beermana, ,cmoono" October8 at anusston with corrent stonents or the Univerdty or Quernsbnd. The German at the university. aim was to Grit^ us to cots"er The thermon conel. ". d with careers invdving a knowledge of K. rendKuchen(corned cakes). German. Grade I O glimpse the fascination of forensic science As part of tile year 10 Science cmfuiginf"madon. aswe""mingu COILSe. there is a unit on forensic sei- ing stories atoll armal investigations. CDCe. During this component 11re sin- He also showed a series of Brides dents canardvelyexplo, Gundifferent which ranged from microscopic hag aspects or this field of science : finger Inents of clothing to the more gaphic printing, ballistics. blood gulp rest- - effects of fires and brutolassaults ing, and investigative method. This visiL and the unit of work. Forensic scientistsapply scientific have provided the year tens with a woredures andiechniques to filml the clearer insightinioiheprofession and requirements of the law. Evidence the world of forensic science and the collected from theseinvestigationsand real applications of science in the testing assist in solving crimes and workplace. This left many students offences with a growing interest in choosing On Tugday 23 November. an ac- this profession for themselves Claim Vatld, off torii forensic scientist was invited to Girls' Gmnumr to spat to tire year 10 stonenls about Its carer and what it involves. He provided intonechng. fog netseca hanrron &








Now you can arrange for school fees to be paid on time and avoid any late payment penalties or unnecessary embarrassment. "School Plan" gives you the

"y X@ur fees on fime un'fh our monthly PCymenf

serv, ce.

For an application form and further information please call our Head Office on 276771 I SCHOOL PLAN PrY. LTD. AC. N. o074/3 756

simplest and cheapest way to spread school fees over twelve months in the school year. "School Plan" has proven to be of great help to parents, it is a

better way of gearing F1!^- the payment of school "'i, .*,, I^to, ^ fees to the family budget. '

25-35 Han@ver St. , Oakleigh Vic. 3166

Page 2 GRAMMAR GAZEFrE. Term 4,993

Girls' Gnunmar has once againi dence of the rich culturel herimge that shown that it provides anch andvaried our artists-in-residence had brought to environment for its students. On sat- the Schoolovertheprevious week the urday 16 October. the School opened inaugural Arts Week. Two Aboriginal women elders and their children from its doors for everyone to inspect the fari"ties andtherange of macademic. the AnatiguPtjanqarakuLaiidsofSouth Australia, together with Dr HeIen sporting and culluml activities it was that time of year again : the Payne. a expert in indigenous worn Brisbane Girls' Grammar School an- en's music from the University of nunl SchoolDay. This is the one espe- Queensland. had been in residence in cial day of the school year when the the School. On School Day, as they whole school. the curriculum. the ac. had daring the week the women dem on sunted different aspecis oilheircul- 11vities. the sandents, are on show And this year was an even bigger lure. suchas painting and in baldances Therewasalsoanauctionofmemo- experience. There wereiniei"tingdis rabilia from the "famous" to raise playsofsniden work. enter"iningsport in" demonstrations. a showcase o art. money for Amnesty international. Bid even bigger srills. This striving for ding was en, husiasiic as 11 was for Ihe excellence in the wides, possible range Latin"slave auction" earlier in the day One special ferrule look place in of activities Is a Grammar tradition the gnudioin the Communicationsbuild- 1993 saw School Day combined with Gride 8 Enrolment Day and year ing. Sentor English students filmed 10 subjec, selection for the firs time. activities from the inaugural year 8 Antarctica Week large innated Each faculty at, d intones190up orclub devised displays to show tire renga o choices offered tire School, only orir, -o01ning students bu also for Witi, in the coniculum this year As wellasthesedisplaysof School members of the present School ram"y S School ay: the School on display 01aire Valkhoff & Rebecca Hannon andgoupsinthis sportruidenter, amed an enthusiastic audience with their gate and skiUs Also on the Stage Lawn'was evi 1:9!!gum in the I w the attontion of manypeopletothisspecialinitia, ive


The School celebrates a year of achievement

The auditorium was the venue for activities, therewerevariousstallsscat the welcome and infonnaiion session lediliroughoutthegounds under the trees and umbrellas. These included for 1994 gade eights. it allowed a place or parents and sindents to meet the famous sweets stall, which did a muting trade. and M thers' Grou adlaynmo, GabonttlreSc1, o01 CD. Warnw, t @, d 993 . Estherlentins and I, at', h adwe with School Day itself gave these future stall yhich maintoined its high shalld members o the Schoolcommu, tits. the ads in mainly hand-made goods. School at the of e@FASse", b Threwasavarieq, offcodavallable opportunity to ge to know School : A"an titsades were "UVi, "d by a andtbe students parent cold. Wig a gulpoE^a^Amantsqueezedfresh One wonderful way to see so much all in Julces, ra ers proved they ha e efficient culinary skills with their o day. ' His muchrer Grade 81 , also hamburgers. the rowing support vonshire teas in enJoyedhe. Introduction to thesehoo group Dreams "ifeel as if Iwantto sun on Monday. the boarders' dining room where many past students sat reminiscing I con'I wait to get here. " I life in a range of Senior e unro Cha ICnge Gup, G"s' that war surety finl .a USBw"dforService. artsC. jig was no g. drive or orig Them, usid"Ientsofthes, udents ManL in, malal in awarded to a also to a hidi. Buts, , who pathdpated in and centiib. ,led to nets. of School calendar

Head GirLs 992 grab, " O

o ,s intone presented o


rimr, o. 1

993 11 0 this GP^I coachn '

'day, 19 0v



carts^Iyan Abe 'vin

gave powerful performances o at Bri. ume@iq, am Guest of Honour. Her Excellency Grand Mareh from Aid" by Venti and award to a upit Qin grades 10. the Governor of Queensland. Mrs the March from Pomp ", d Cine"in. who has roven herself ,o Leneen Forde A. C. , addressed the as- stance. ThemassedvoicesoftbeGmm- bestin wor . sport and ublic spint combled School community and pre- mar Singers sang the Choral Anthem was won by Christine eel, year 12 send an enter mining speech about "Song of Songs", a richly lyrical and Christinc also teeeiv Ih dy growing up and education, especially complex piece and the String Ensem- Liney Gold Medal for Dux of the targeted at the girls in the audience. ble. with a violin solo from Pulppa School. as we" as the Prize for She admonished them to be active WestplayedConcerlo"Unim"era" Latin. The Westpac Prize for Math and positive in their approach tonfe. (Sping) from Vivaldi's The FD"rSe@- Ginatics I. the Prize for Mathemat ics 11. the loan Tuffley Prize for MsFordeespeciallychallengedthose so, us with sensitivity and energy The Governor presentsd the prize Chemistry, and the Hilda Sentors who were leaving to be like nonence Nevi"e Grant Prize for those tai mentioned in her clever winners with their awards. it was a quotation : 'There are those who pitchs Iha, eelebm, ed the academic. Physics The HeadGirlsfiom1992, choose what happens, those who sporting, artistic and service activities Otter, dC"willawainuniglit, ,hen pre watch it go by, and those who don't of students Medith Berm^, year 12, was senred to the School the gift from their know what's going on. " Many students enjoyed Mrs awarded sitver goblets as School athlet- senioryear : a pontaltof Ms Honeock Forde's address. One said it was a its clumpion and for basteiball and by Susan Bleakley. mother of two past "very interesting an informative moresigthcanUy, hexceUenceofper- students As the End of Year Assembly speech. 11 hadlots of hints for tirein romanceinatleastthaeA Gin*s^ts. it. She madeitinterestingbyspeak- tile coveted Sports Brooch Machth and Prizegiving was the final day for the grade 12 students' there was ing in a more personal and amusing also, oreivediltis awardlast year Jobanna Sing. founding coeditor a sad. but relieved feeling amongst way, which we could relate to. and by not using big words to impress of the GrannniarGazetre. wonTheBe, ty them, especially evident with the WoolcockChallenge Cup for an origi- tears vying with smiles during the everyone. " Another thouglit Mrs Fordegavea in al essay, the bibleen Musrd Liney final hymn God Be WITh you

SomeoEthedisplaysincludedThe about the days when this room was Great Debate (Girls' Grammar versus the Assembly Hall for the whole Brisbane Gnunmar) which explored School and past Principals would the topi "that"ICUnisexageisacurse". express their praise or displeasure at the activities of the students' musical entertainment from a number Brisbane Girls' Grammar orschool andensembles, and a fencing demonstration on the Singe School Day 1993 proved to be an Lawn. TheRhythmi Gammasticsciub enjoyable an busy experience for all involved hosted a Slate competition for pairs

SPECIALISlhlG ,. S, ,,"I & all. " Ap""I

CLASS a. rsS ^

Blade" Blouses

flats Ties







41 D. ~I Sin, I A. 1,900" Q. 4000

Sports Unitu, u" and Tractsim

V. am p, ,vil^I I, rippl" .FIXERI I, BRISBANE GIRLS G^^MMA, ! cor^L

1:1. , (07) 3665no r" (07) 300 7357

Fathers disphy their domestic talents at School Day

Page 3 GRAMMAR GAZEFrE. Term 4,993



Educating for understanding today's codets. cannot be doubted gaterculim. land^dingthat, W, th record"nemplo, meritlevelsin for thenat timein Australia's colo Ars, ^. longth. necessity oralu- niad history, a serious attempt is cationalq"., ification315dear. Bow- being made to rerundle bbck and ever, education in its widest sense white A1rstral^. hareverb"neonr"ed to the cos One of the best places to foster room We are formats to inVC in a tnn antic hymenyin our andmn codetyvhe"ideas are valued and a ishthechssroom. From PIGSahaund b informed mind is an asset of, beretbtsh"dreadytakenplace. The"Mevennntofthisindud" not Students, both primary. ridgeond only the academic studies that a ary, now have the OPPrimity' of sehodha"truly provides hula^ nudefu^g withCS of foreip ton a gentsr alto^ and ethic under. "ng" lite aimsq Japn"q Gen. standing. To thi. end, education may French and Imjin" Tnn is the PDUcy in recent years bus hereus. case at Girls' Grannmar where gnu ingy broadened to baud. a wider dents are not only encouraged, but bats for adminl orchange between rib mymmad to Icon the us^ of ethic communities another culture; tnn being rang onto rel eXchange involves ntsed as an essential part of educa. the reelprocation or ethnic back. donel devdopmenL gound. I is the bring of customs Other aspects of culturel ex. and trodtio. , a grip"rig of music, change are evident inside and our art and intersnn, . t is a view or side the cohool curriculum; copets history, andperh. a, 11. museo, the such as the OPPrfunity to study toting But above am, it is the con- mudcofnon. Westernsode"", Jap muleationofldeasandbdi&With nese and German handing, student AUGtra"a's mumeultural back. exchangepmyamsbet, "nomo, in pound, insth, scornm""cation that school and sistsr schools in Jap, , allows us to have a r under- hancoand Genniny, codo, coursq standing or cor ethnic ' L the enrichment and understanding International 19 as be- provid by the Aboriginal women come the catchphrase o our Blobal elders earner this tern The importance or education in mudties. it is perhaps a padud or

A Tribute to the Grammar Girl

10 111e dilo/ AUSbuy response Many thanks for the letter and the copy of the Grammar Gazetto for Term 3 The wide is excellent and I co - garniato you for covering all aspc, s so comprehensiveIy I can get all schools to take the sameinterestinthis matter, syou have taken, we wold change Australia s fi Daneial situation very quickly. we would significru, fly reduceunemploy merit and. most important of all. we would keep Australia Australian owned Harry Wallace President Australian Owned Companies Assoc. Ud Grade 10s object to 'racist' commercial

The Grannmar girl's a walking contradiction As illustrated by behaviotrr quaint just view the sort of mad plediledion She has for tings that should invine, CStraint

She has a coloured cap for all neonions,

And loves her blue velour. whichlooks so cool; 11'3 won ' class when working out equations But not when walking to or from school. ' She goans beneath the weldit of law bag - kid hares its burden climbing all those stairs;

But still she'" cultivate her shoulder sag Before she'll let her locke house her wares.

But collunent on her ' onsisrent ways You'll see alcok of blankincomp, ehension Or else you'll hear a muttered pithy phase Desigied to fuel the preferis' hypertension

The Lone Hamiguer!

44, \-;: a ,,., v~/

The recent CES. advertisement

.. \-,,

There can be Do donbtorthe about traineeships and 'alexpe- society, and the tsues or our day demand tha internationalism an value or erredVC discmjn. bon or rienCe Caused heated discussjo ' netst, Genthedjr. amongst gade ton students a Girls' cultural"riders, anal"gcometothe ideas. rid Grammy fore. The Bosniancontlic, , LA. forent races of our society. As the For IhdSe who have not see the ri human rightsl"""in co"n- mmy nations o10ur, Grid continue hits all over the world - am th" to cosertthefrindepe, "oceandrjgh, advertisemenL it depicts people of amindicato, ,Gramme, ,aging need to a place on the world's stagq CUI. many different races who are refused for cultural eXchange and under. toadunderstandjngw"hmm, Bunco entry to a Set of doors (the job). This is supposedly because they do not standing domein, myhintb, U. S. r^ cod be ark a, t rib, e an *.. ha trainee or pinch expn rice Auldb remit"bay, the The only successful neon 13 a conhavedal abo tsue has em. whatcan beginedhm bin^of phadsed tensions betweenmembers dunk^"alba, ^tm" White rson who is allowed entry, supposedly because she has the re- orAwirolia's black and white con- a era",."me fortsnnny. quired traineeshipand practical expe nence Many of us believe this no only Physical fitness valued Sport plays an intogal palm the couragement of proficiency in life of most Australians. and students lifesaving wasalsorecogiised with the at BrisbaneGirls' GnunmarSchoolare awarding for the seventh time of the no different. All students are required Grigson and Soden shields to take part in rinysical Education its- Obviousl not all students are co


. 4, * ,?;?^.'^^j



I : ^?,

implies that this personis smarter and has had the opportunity for more edu cation and training. but also that the sys, em does not allow equal OPPortu nity for people of all races. This di$ criminales agimistthem", y runes re resented in mume"inurelAushalia. and supports a system that does not give these people areas to as many OPPo - minimes as whine Australians Mr Grey's 100 History class are wrtting letters to relevision networks and newspapers and organising polls and surveys to sup rt the inchfica lion or withdrawal of the advertise merit A preliminary survey of 45 neo PIG revealed 55% considered the ad veinsementracist, 45% wantit taken off television, and 27% were unde tided un is imponent that students speak out on issues they tomeve ale signifi cant ones shaping the Australia of the future.

^ c, ^, a^^es i So r, \a. . F ~,\_993'10, \- .

sons in recognition of the role sport reble of achieving such high sundards plays in a healthy infertyle. On a co- in sport, and to this end. P. E. classes curricular level, the muge of sports provide a mans of introducing sin available continues 10 grow from the dents to new foms of sport and physi traditional netball, swimmnig und ath- cal exercise. Many units also teach Ietics. to cricket andfendng practical skills. for example resuscita Girls' Grammar has a we"-Gsmb don. Wereving. and themnovativeself fished reputation as a force to be reek- defence unit for Year sondents Dried with on tire sports field in more Classes are not confined to die more recent times. however, this has ex- traditional sports. adsoeventhemo, e rended to we" beyond the sports fidd. unusual sports such as cinchg and ar andintoare"codiverseasthepooland chary are studied These adow son the mats. Tie sthool has become fa- dents the OPPrtuntq, to ample a wide mons for its prowess on the floor in range of different sports, and choose gymnastics. At the Q. G. S. S. S. A. Ar- sports hatsultthemiftheywish conte tistic Gymnastics competition. the up a new sport school won six out of possible nine Therewsportscomplexwhichwnl pennants. The Brisbane Girls' Gram- begin construction later this year win mar School Rhythmic Spinve Gym- anowforevengeaterexpansionin the riastics aub also continues to enjoy diversity of nutsportsprogram. Rh^- SPCc"CUIar success, both in club and nine gymusts win for the first time be interschool competition. This year, it able to trainin avenuewittiacompeti won tiree nut of four pennants at the ton height rerung. Onto cor sports Q. G. S. S. S. A competition. and later such as menul. basketball and voney w" mud the PCimer club in AUS ballwimbe. bletousethenewf"ihties nana at the "tion. I dues toadnindoors. This winkerrectaly in the POOL Groomer has ag"n useful in wet weather! The complex comumsbedil"Mrs. himwingfo. ce. wina"owformorecompetitionshosted Sw^Ig"ovi, bla^of glory to by Girls' G^, and theme^ come when, at the Q. G. S. S. SA. cum- spreadlmiimise"incomes caused petition. we hashd recond 10 State by classes in P. E. clam metob"rig. linghby only195points. This was the With the projCc" completion of best placing achieved in many years. tile complexin lire recoind senatorof Onee a^ill. a Emu^Ie number of I^4, the incentive is a^y hare to

Letters to the Editor and other contributions

These should be subnittted to Kristine Cooke CL 3.01 Resource Teachers' Room Ph 831 1300 Deadline March M 1994

Camera ready artwork should be submitred Paul Beanett or 2.05 Coinpurer Staff Room 833 2231 Articles and letrers- on coinputor disc Photos- with name and contact Editorial Committee

Reb"co monon 10 Liney

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Staff Consultants:

Paul Bennett and Kristine Cooke

girls'eliteVCdselectionfor, CPEsento- continue with the traditional Brisbane Girls' Grammar School cocos) extends its thanks to advertisers for hair support The advertisements are tive warerpolo tony with two girls invdevment of the School in physical published in good faith and on the under star, ding that the contents are legitimate and lawful. BCGS does Trot warrant the nomad in the honor"y AUS"."an un- activity creating totally lullhy indi- qunlity of the goods and contees offered by advertisers and encoumges readers to make their own enquiries as to the der 16 tins' ream. file cohool's en- vidi"15. suitsbi"ty of the Bonds and services.

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Intogr ted studies From work experience t work Work experience at

ThreeoftlreimtsgaredSti, dressti, - dents fronthisye" have, ECGived full. sigL Meia feels that bowing about alexcellentco, minimcationsldllsam timeem loamentasatesultoftiietiine all aspcots of this industry can only requid to getimough to fom, mmds "arts "e conghy they spent at work experience help Irer p. %, co" potssionally or interviews required in^sing tinugh corking tonexh for an .corentireship in I^ing In' Visual Art and resign CG^^. with SIGfo^ the has derovered to Still very interested in g^ic re- ""min, coneentradon, gad humour.

NonmlAaron and Kats, Tonald 10nk"ts, were the foal tusk More Moggill Fauna Reserve Naoml Aarui &KBry Toft ,ho ate pellets The native birds, cockatoos, galahs, king parrots,

andaFordwasplaceda, Amigaft Keni has always wantsd to be a nattoo, qu, techattoex"cluben ondr own mowing tea. ate mm working alumgh a specially devised her good formae andlooks forward to hairdresser and thoroughly enjoys they arched at MOBS"I Fauna Re dents confided that junk food was program which provided her with tile charrenges of tire world of work. meeting people and intorusting with serve for work onpenance on Mon- 1118h on the agenda. ) "in xis4n" experience in gapbic re- Reb^Multiisenjoyingl, errrew lirem. Tirese opinto, us were confinned day I November. They would be in the afternoon the students pad, ,cing. view of life nom the toriieth level or when sire completed a week of work working with native Australian ant- sweptpatli$ domed cages, emptied Sire was then formnate enougl, to the Riverside Centre. Rebecca was expertence with tile Srefan organisa- mats, koalas and hangarots They bins amp"ed and radial leaf con be offered an apprenticeship with this offered full-timeemploymentaherlrer flun in November. arrived only but were rug, re or winer, for koah& company"agaphicreprodt, cer. This week of work expertence at Blake Once N"on I and KBty Shallus aimadycomple, edcourres ,hat to e^cL bus traditionaly been a mule conch Dawson Watchon. Someitors The two into gad Sindies shu- watched an autopsy on a koala in hadressing through Quirensland anditisexciimg"rotAlidaisb, aking Rehacca has rap, usianiq. for a DistoriceEducationandtheSoutt, bank dents firs"y met the fom rangers who had been hit by a car. it was new gnund in this expanding area range of clerical duties with this fun, , Insttu, e for which sharecoived excel- and one, Kakina, showed them a sad but interesting experience. She win attendTA. F. E. as part of and sire is netsrmi, d 10 continuel, er lent results. aroundtheR. "rug Themobs, ere orbe photographs show this. Ask her willing"Idw"ICOmpleielrertime study on a part-time basis nexi year. KGlli comments that she was apblnedandtheywereintrod"cad one or the students to show you. with Printersft with both experience She alreadyl, "acornficatefrom Kan- never a model student who en- to the animals Ed. ) and credentials galoo Point T. A. F. E. in Communeial joyed study, although she loved Every mowing Naomi and Kats, Unfortunately, many koalas Albaconu, rented that her sinner andOmceFunda, nenialsandslreplarrs her five years at Girls' Grammar. domedou, the babies'cageandfeed were brought to the Reserve af in in, ,,, matics haired in the precise to continue her studies in an Associate She has found that the work cov. them their breada. tot Meaty-bites IQr they had been hit by cars or meaninements required in fung up Diploma ered in Small Business Studies andbirds. ed. Then the a, ,dentsred attacked by dogs. This was a and processing the material. Sire is The skins shadevelopedatschool helped her understand alittle more the mite, grimea pigs and TS! tragicexperience, especially one also gateh, I for the work covered in musadproc"singsye^needng", d how businesses are run, and the The mire and rats also ate Meaty- koala who had been savaged by Computer SUIdi", paincularly the desk-top rub"ching will confu, re 10 oral skills developed in all sub- bites a dog. This was especially hor Pagem. ker and Coreldmw packages mumb, ,re to the achieven"nt of her jects, but particularly English, Nan"I and Katy then had the rible because the owner bad set with which she had worked goals helped prepare her for the inter- rapnslbi"ty or ham8 the the dog on the koala intention. Anda atton"d Ba^inI Daigy Kern Boucher did not realise that views and the handling of people bie, withered wirey kangaroos ally. andT"1,001ngyCentrefu", gint", e job intowiews could be so rulelha& in a work situation. year's"r, orbrT. AFE. co"iesand mume. or prolonged. in competing Keni bus been offered her ap she devel, ^ed her skimsin design. rid with omands of carer yin, rig to prenticeship. She is surprised Bad pleased with

Herzlich will kominen

Better People Come From


Brook Street is proud to support Brisbane Girls' Grammar School with the supply of quality permanent and temporary staff

lady Dadswor"I & Any Boue misD"ember now and readers malevalcity, sti" enclosed malls. It w"quite a chock. Accustomed to the or the Gazette may be wondering was a chinning and ramming place added fifestyreofGra, rimar, we were omanad at themek o rules. Weaniin whatever happened to the thirteen to stay During the first two weeks the tile bus of ou clas, co at lire Maria- Grin"ar Bins who left for Ger. many in June Did they ever re gouppassedthrouglidozeusoftowns Wach"er Schule and were sumrised and cities, all rich in culture and his- at tire noisy re. Although turn? Yes, we amived back ely and. lory. Although Gennin, y is now a the clanses more relaxed and five months laner still talk about our united country. the differencebetween hare was no school uniform, most of themoremodem West'andthe more us preferred Grammar to Maria- wonderful experiences fire goup left from Brisbane air- austere at xi drab "East' is still evi. Wachtler potion the menu of June aceompa- denL o the trip was occupied The One of the most mumorable days with atour Ihmug, the Black Forest to nied by our two reachers of Gennini. Mr Miles and Ms 1,011e. and lime of ,halourwas thevisiito Budienwald Swinerland, WIDEre we slayed by the other adults. We dirembarked thirty Concentration Camp, wluee"hirem- shores of Lake Tinun. s S hours later in Fruitur, . inner tired ber was confronted with the horrors of werebreathtsking : gian snow-topped and grumpy. The Inembers of the World War U. Each one was deeply monnlains mirrored in the onmuni, e group stayed awakenmughafullday moved by the experience warersofthegl"milches. Someofthe Alter passing lineugh many cities. more adventurous swam in the icy of siatLtseeing before CUIbpsingin o1rr CIO whale we net tire students popping overto Austria forthnnero, re Suppliers of SPARTA14 SCHOOL BAGS with whose families we highL The rowan^ with a fun nigii waddlive and with whom at a beer hall in Munich! A^t L, @Be * matchfo from Thereis cornush morelotellaboui we would gotoschoolover foulp", dweanfinishedfinnltiends at major rotor sting tire next week gundeveryonelookedforwaad Rollrenborg is a beautifully pegwi 10 attending school the next day. 11 including Weimar. Dres- watersofLakeThun. making sureilrere den, BerlinandLubeck. the werephotogaphsto prove it. We soon an^RTLUG^GB 11re border back 10 Germany. group arrived in BSsen. bon in Romenb. Ing ob der Tauba.

. Executive Secretaries . Personal Assistants . Word Processing Operators . Data Entry Operators . Sales & Marketing

. Receptionists . Clerical Staff . Accounting . Computer . Leg al . Medical . .industrial

145 Eagle SI Bris

r" ." "" M"char d to MPC QUEENSLAND OWNED AND OPERATED 832 3844

Althoughaliuleap"e- The memories will always be with us. hensive at first. we soon The whole experience is one we all felt at ease with oar host recommend


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Beanland House e-emerges Because Dr. he growth in numbers Terrace" of snidents at Brisbane Girls' Groin- The news of the Te-formation of mar. another House, to be called this Houseprompted greatinterest and Beanland. will be leestablis!red in lively discussion. The possibilities 1994 sparked gratenthusiasm from allycor Mrs arumk. lire Principal. ex- levels. wi studentseagerto be parlor plainedil, enew coreis, laded, oftlre tonew Dune. Over onehundred yam Haires remain an integral part of tile 10 stiltsnts alone volunteered restorel care sy, un". Next year 9th Mrs Cmbavoriy. Bunlruid's fu 8Horisegm, with theirHm, secroup lure Head of House. remarked: "if the reacherswillbeabletogotohnb"only mutings twith the sindents) are any in year. This win 1.1p bond tip indication. Beanland win certainly be gulps toBellain a way hat', earnps an exciting and spirited house. " in letter gulps of tire past fow years There

e an e


volu", cor helpers, ere able to ask the game material as the school questions or the Principal and skirt win be availaMe through SPE.

Kr18tlne Cooto

Preparation tsue"advanced for raise ideas an items or concern. dai, prepaid order from the cloth the coltslructio" orcm, amor's new sports complex. Site preparation is Rancork also gyve news of a change part of the School uniform in the set to begin in December with con. to the uniform for 1994. Slacks in winter tenus. During this discussion Mrs ing shop. These will be an optional

51n"floristsrtingonJanuarylO. The contract completion date is 31 July. Mrs runeockdiscus^, his new conpl" at a mowing tea given by 11n School on Friday 13 ternber to thank the approximately 250 vol untoers who contribute so much to the School thin, gh their generous efforts Ms Humusk descrihad the new banty as 'huntque" and said it had been 61". d forthespedalneeds and talents of the School". She sir^ad how important fibers is to Melong codes, explain^ how it hag been proven that "personal fit nessand sporting"hlev. meritsgive 81th confidence" An open meeting in the Gehrm. mm Theatre followed the mowing tea which ms hdd o the


S Block on a 91 b Sine"ts, ,, ode! slacks for the winter ream ovaitoblefrom Ihe

lawn Spring day. harm8 this time the Clothing Shop

Self care confronts relevant issu s for year elevens


At the beginiting of each class, a useofomitraceptives were also aniong simple 'Varm-up" exercise was un- tile topics raised. Many differcmi as denaken, inco rating a relevantis- peels and responsibilities of relation sue. This enabled everyone to focus ships were covered

mineh BC^ &

Fror"co Hasts

One recent education reba in on the topic and relax at the same Nl of 11re topics were Teleumit to Queensland has focused o whether time. Students were often given lire students and what is considered schools have the right 10 intoerare is. worksheet. .that helped Ihem explore morally correctin today's society was sires like sex education unto their c . Iheir own beliefs and clarify their delibemied ideas. Class di ussion look up the nomum. in a non-judgement al atmos Brisha, IC G, rls Groinmar School majority of Self Carelessons andlhis phere. year elevens were able to obviously hameves that awareness and provided a Drum where opinions debate their own opinions with knowledge in this area are vimi. with wereexpressed freely. providing SIu- our feeling pressured. Everyone each gade discussing tsues that are dents with a range of 001nts of view. felt comfortable talking about is appropriaie for and relevant to their Each student r'specied Ihe Ideas or sues that. perhaps. were Iroubl, rig others' BSItwasempbasised that there them. or may concern Ihem in the age group Yeareleven. this year. wasinvoived are no clearcui answers to the prob- future I Self Care cla^s which dim, ,^ ICms life offers The year eleven Sel. Care pro Class discussions covered drugs. groin is a cons, Tuttive and valuable infon, runy scenarios aha. It relation ships' aswellexpanded oninfonnatio alcohol, smoking and their effects. course which created an open envi provided by ScienceandPhysicalEdu. Sexunlly transmitted diseases. suchas roament where issues relevant 10 Aids. GPatitis and s 'i's, and the today's students can be confronted canon un prewmis years'


H ' a, Jammer13 i's members iru^CFthg to Bam^ Ho

Foundation Day to resume celebrations in 1994

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Pellegrini Old AC. N. 010 339250 Upper Edward Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Serving You Since 1890 Phone 1071 ^22916 Far (07) ^27095 428

o1rs "rid procticalr^us, the, read brio, awarded topux o, thesehod

W^ CAN HEW You with our

1.00^n Relrsr

Unlike some other Australian and is presented on S Day, high schools, Brisbane Girls' alongwith"knowledgnentof"her GroinmarScbooldoesno, celebrate academic, sporting and cultural its roundatto" Day. However, next achievements for the year. year celebrations wi" be resumed Foundation Day is symbolk or on the weekend clusest to March thesehad'sb"at with onin^. 15, the onei"I starting day for the ence from Brisbane Grimmer. re School. Planning for this occasion also dpi, leg the foundation or the is being undertaken by the man- first non

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. Oreliry selecti'on of Oar' ' Gins for all cocasions

. CANDLES of numerous si^s and colour.




Page 6 GRAMMAR GAZEFrE, Term 4,993

hool ne

K hleen and On the streets of 'Our 70 n on ard Shil am v ' t' sh o1 . After a SIX month rehearsal period theseniorproduc, ion, 0"Frown. too to the stage on 14th, 15th and 16th October. padubtion was of lire innugi"at School Arts Week and was a tonendous success for an in volved Naoml Just

ale one for this School. Kathl"n was Athoughtfuldepiction orlifg asnidentatGmmmari" 1930.3I where and death, the message of O", Town

Krlstine Cooke

When talking to Kathleen and $1.00mpletedgades9ar, d 10. Leonaad Could not have been daivered withinit

one ano11rer's sentences. myself " wlren 51re thinks of a suitable been as successful without tireir cointeiesiedin people; nettortl, emitie Bothartistsh. dinanystoriestoieii Tire laywasdirecdby penny from the realities and mundane details lives as artists, They spoke of the Padiretion. She sai e since she

of 1993. KBtt, Icon, oldthe HeadGirlsofirer members of the audience. and the dj The HeadGirls"rsonallyc^Ire tine at Gammar. She spoke or pink rector, andit was a gen moving

The Shillnms were, aken on a tonr or "Blossom" as she called her. andas onhe backstogecrew. Bach of the School by the Head Girls and KBrhleen said that tiley were all "in One'userotheoccasion. We'refortii.

a mudstone plinth. time Miss Duey banned the school the Opportunities are given so readily. Glen aimsreiiso, I who was cast in lire lead role of the Stage Mumser enjoyed working in the CU01L

O" Town was a satisfying way to express emotion and a 10 of drama. adamantinewaytoendArisWeek She added illmd 'rulmled onombition to move an nudiei, ce 10 tears cast also in duded as well as ,. Does Noon" b mother blow churlhL, ?

01bbs. Derren Moss. Pa"I Anen and tiences daring rehearsal and perform- with tiersmoke maclime.

formances. had lobecomses fortwenty mining at by Inembers of the amie, lee. Head contribute in important ways. Simone backflips and high kicks on stage. and eerient!". Frillci and strong su Buckley was assistont director and someof us wereengulfed in masses of porn of in the school Mrs JanellePaielconiroUedevents as stage tullefor that infamous wedding scene. rimeock, primal tire outstanding rel Backstage. the crew choked. Grit displayed by members of the cast manager

Tile subject of the erulptineis ap war cry. "So. wiren we went to the propriate for members of the Wildlife school sports, all the orher schools Artists' Association. Indeed, the sand to spontaneously toke rums 10 Shin"nsshowmnlcoinmi"renttopre- say their war cries. Wiren cor rum serving our wildlifetl, roughtheirads- ume. there was silence except for a small group or boys at xi old girls tic Interpretations Theseulptineitselfisacompelling Est!retaindJudithdid noiseemtothink piece and lives up to the criteria the this could happen today! KBthleen also designed a book artists thenEelves use 10 define a work of art ironaad saiditwasilre "overall plate for the BannerId Libre, y while a design" and Kathleen. Ih "impact or student at Grannmar. a project that sur tile thing". And the sculpture does vives roday. She was pleased at the make an innnediale impression. it is range of artistic experiences currently also an approp, *ate choice for students offered to the students' explaining it pined arche edge of newtsponsibili- wag much more "ausrere' in her day ties and challenges. The cormorant The two artists have such energy sandsco, finentlyon aimlrsia stump. and enthusiasm for their work. They iris aware of its surrouulngs. ready to setuptheirown foundry. developideas launch itself at any opportunity that for a runge of media. and often work using quite differentapproaches on, h nuny arise The coulp has been on tempo same project. Ka, hleen said the "first my displayin the Library. The librar- thing we do is quarrel about Ihe ian. MrsCarolCosgrove. explainshow method". Bui us they hastened to ex even in the very short line the sculp platn (together) : "It's terrific fun" and lure has beeninthe School. ithas made "We'rebothaiming fortlresa, nething a tremendous impact. Staff and shi it was wonderful to meet two dents stop to admire and many aminot people who love life. Leonard said resist touching it 11 seems a very "We are fortunate to have experi tactile piece. in draws you enced the horse and buggy days to The choice of a piece by Kathleen the age of push buttons and coin and Leonard Shillam was an appropri- purers

A grave scenefrom 'Our Town

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