June 1926 School Magazine

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JUNE, 1926.



JUNF . 1926

H I ~ I S H AI\1' f h e: CartC"r- \\ 11t~lt~\ tu. 1 ttl .. r. ',_0_ Ci Bmhluu.: . ,\lin·rt ~tre('t.


~he :Maga;;ine nf the 1Jl risbane <§iris' <§rammar School. ·


Editori al.

H IS yenr much valunble wo rl< has been do n e In conn 'Ction ~ with th e Lib r a ry , assuring It a much mo r e im po r tant plac~ In the life of the Schoo l tha u it e ve r held be fo r e. \Ye • ~ have t he ma kings of a l ibrary o ( which we may well ur proud. a nd It Is to be ho ped tba t t he g irls will make full ·use of it , a nd cultivate earl y t he love of good l.looks. fo r a wide J"a n ge of r eading Is abso lu t e ly n e:::essury f o r a ll who w ish t o h roa cl on and r e fin e t he ir tho ugh ts, and who desi r e to become acq uu lnLl' truP,t. wisest. a nd most e nt e rtaining o f eompa n ions-comJla ti lons who wil l stand by a nd ch eer her to t he en d o f he r days. ~!>,. library eom mltlt>t' has been formed , wh lr h. a long w ith IU; othe r d u tle!>. has u ndertali•'n the e d it ing of the Schoo l :Magazine. Th e :s tandnrd or con tr ihuli ou:< h as alwa ys been h ig h . and we ho pe that It will ronllnuc so to bl' . .\1erit In t he w r ltln A" o f the s ho r t sto r y 1!! gt:nerally adm owl~>~ l c:"· ' to be difficu l t of atta inment, hu t Y'>tt un• urgE>d to makE' i h l• <'tr•>rt. The ha r der t h e ~oal , t he g rNILPr th e satisfaction in its al'!ll \P- m ent. It Is n o l~worthy th at t his year tile School wa~ dsit<'cl for th•• Jirst time by t he Governo r of (~ u t:en!llaud, ' ' ho Is. lndp,•rl. out· "Vis ito r ," and hl11 pr~:!lence W U!! duly UPJ>reclnted , llll IIHJl t••·t•·d ull t be r lass r oom11. a nd later add re~Ke rl the schoo l In thl' u:s~~mhly hall. po inting o u t thut Ki n <"e ri ty ill t he ld·yuo te of ~choc I lite. and adm o n iS'hlng U!l tn t'her ls h that spirit I n urtcr yenrH ancl so hec•om~> true-h ea rted and tuwful wo m f> n . Du ring t he tlr:;t term o u r sym J illth~ was u rou11ed hy th o rli~­ tresslng cond it ions resu lti ng fr om tlw h u ~h firE'!I In tht-! Stutt: of Ylctorla, w hich Rwept O\'Cr and ru ln t•d large nn·11s of vuluahlc timber country, leaving many rumiliPR without home or l!ll1Jllny· ment, a nd the Sr hoo l ton tr lbut •·rl tnwn r dA a f und raiN('() to mnintain th eRt> peopl t> t emporaril y. ancl h t> lp to t·c-l~tahli!' h thPm in hnlttr·s and occupa tio n!!.


lll'is bu n <• Gir·J.s ' G t·anqtmt• Sd,no l ~ l a ;.:11 z i m•.

\\"e we r e sorn· to lose ~I i ss Ande r son at . h e end o i the lirs t te r m. and we wis h h e L· e ve ry happ in ess in h e r n ew s t ate of IHe. "\Ye we lcom e ;\)iss ~I acm illa n . w h o jo in ed us at the b eginning ot th e year . Du r ing th e year t' ' 'o m e m be r s of the Guy Ba tes P ost Compan y- gave us a ve r y e njo ya ble r ecita l , r e pea ting we ll-known passages f r om the p lays o r Sha kespear e, t hus h e lp ing u s to b eco me mo r e !amilinr wi t h t h em. and t o r ealise m o r e fu ll y th e cl ra m a tic p ow e r or thiH g r eat m ast e r t han we co ul d in t h e ord ina ry c•ourse o l r eading . ~Inch disapp o in t m e nt has been fe lt in g en e ra l o ve r th e fa c t t hat the p lanne d trip to the J e n ola n Caves h a d to be aha n rlo ne d . The idea Is a d e lig htful one . a nd it is t o be hoped tlallt n ex t yea a· the for mation o f a par ty w il l meet w ith g r eate r su ccess . S uc h a trip is a SJ>Ie ndid o p portu ni ty. a nd s hould p r o ve de l ig h tfu l bo th ed uc·atlo n a lly a ncl ~ocia l l y. If the g ir ls keep t h e id ea in ,-le w . lt s ho uld be a s itnple matter to c·o ll ect a p a r ty of 20 to tn Ke the trip next year. The Sen io r a nd J unio r students have now mar!P goo() head- way with t h e ir examination wo rlc h ut it st ill r em a lnH rot· th em thomu,~~;h l y to r ev ise and c·onsolicl ate a ll t h at t h ey IHt \'e le-a r ned It rf'"t~ with Parh girl to do thio; to t h e best of lw r a b il i ty. and Htriv.. to kf't>Jl Ull tllf' tradition or our S!'hOo l as o n e of good Hl'ltolur~hip a~ w~;>ll HH g

U L'HA~ l> ('l' l'. ~I rs. ~!u nlock . wi fe o f a fa mous m i llionair e In Los An ~el es, was h u sy writing Invitat io n s fo r a recep tio n In honou r of h er only dti ld, E thel. The ~l urdock s h a d l ived fo r m a n y years In a qua int o ld mansio n o n the bord e r o r t h e ci t~·. E thel , who h a d been a way ut College . was now coming h ome for h e r fi f t een t h b irt hday. Ox ford :\1a n s io n , t h e r e fo r e . was a scen e o f inten se exciteme n t in prepa r ation for t h e g r ea t event. E t h e l was a s lim. pre tty g ir l , w i t h s h o r t, bla d e wa vy h a ir, a n d d a rl< brow n eyes. Sh t: was ve r y f o n d of rid in g . and loved th e fo r est aroun d t h e ;\'l'an s ion ve r y much . The t r a in w as d ue at 1 2 o'c lock . a n d It was n ow e lev en . Polly, t h e ma id . w as sent t o te ll J a m es to b r ing th e ca r rou n cl. This was done in a fe w minu t es. and then t h ey we r e off to meet th eir " won de rful li t tl e E t h e l." Next d a y ;\Irs. :-.rurclock h e ld h e r part y, and a c·rowd of yo u ng ))eople enjoyed t h e mse lves in h er s pac ious ba ll-room . Du r ing th e n e xt few days E t h e l e n joyed h e r sel f in mounta in ·cl imbing a n d !o res~ r amb les , w i th Betty aud J oyce Dove, who were t h e ir c losest n e ig h bo u rs. " I say, Eth e l. " sa id J oyce o n e clay, " n ext week is th e 'Durand (' u p.' Are yo u go ing? It w ill be w o nd e r f u lly thrill ing.' ' "Su r e. If Da d does." r e)llie cl F.:the l. So next week. at the ;Jppolnted elate . fo u nd t h e Do\· es and t h e ;\lurdocks at one of t lw higg~;st rat·es of the yea r . The three J(h'h; Rt r o llecl about look in g at th f' horses. Prel>Pntly they came to 11 s h in in g, hlac k horse w ith h is name at the t011 of the- stah le- "BPnut~·-" Standin g by ";c>re two '"' ' 'ious-farPcl men, and. not :-lc>t>lng the ~Ir i s, one sa id: "We (·nn't te ll ::\l u r doel;: he'll bl• furious.' ' "Rut h e set his hEa r t on winnln!( thiR ruc·e." l'e)lli<'cl the otht!r. · ' Y<'!!. but we c·an't pu t a rlcl!o'rlt>ss hc-rt;P lu tlw rac·e. und uow J• 1 nes has broken his arm wc·'ve no j(H'key,' ' rf')llh•ll tlw flr> . and had hcurcl every word. A s udden thoul(ht rame to F.:lht I, and sh~ stcppccl Ull to them. The men started. but ga,·e her a ( hel'ry "!(nod mnrnln~. :\lis:< J:o:th el." " I dlcl not luHl\\' Oad h ad ,cny horses In this rac·e," ~hP ~aiel, hut thi~ unl' st>lo'ms to be the IH'st lw has. l heard you sa~· therE ,.. a, no ridPJ', hut I can find onP for you without INtlng Dad know.' "I IC'avcn h less you. honey," the·y ~cl • ""\Vh o Is th is r ider, hon ey?"

T.H.E BI.!OOK. Flowing through the mPadov. ~ r~ a tiny stream. Pn:;~lng ban k:; or m ossPs W h ich are ever-gr een. ~pnrkllng, rush ing. tu m bling, Over li ttle rock s; Dancin g In the s u ns h ine \\'nte r in,l(' many tl ork!!.



Hl'i,;h u tH• (HI'Is' G t'HIIUttat' Sl'llnnl :llugnzittl' . ----- "Never mi nd. You two had better go to the g r and-sta nd . But lteep a way from Dad , for [ea r h e mi sses m e. I ' ll be back soon.' r A quarter or an hour later a boy, in j o c key's atti r e, went to• tht- two m e n and h a nd e d the m a note . after r E-a di ng whic h they knE-w this was the ride r Eth e l had sent. "I guess you ' r e r ath e r young. kid." said one; "but here. why the m ask?" " A w. ~liss Ethel w is h €·.; no one to J;now who I a Ill till after the race. Bes ides. :.\ l urd ock wo uld g uess if I didn't." "A."r ight. yo ur numbe r 's nine . out no w: it'll be s la t·ting so011. !< not Jon!" He 5tared stupidly at t h ,. "11111ll tl!~n•·e. au ! ciPmnndPd wlw he wus. The joel

THE "('.-\~' 'r" P.EHSO~.

Human b e iugs are of two kinds: c r eato rs a nd d estroye r s. No o n e can be n e u t r al. If you h ave no confid e nce. then you d estr oy. you a r e pa ras itic on the c r eator. It is impossib le for man to revel in s ilk y secl u s ion, to live t h e life of a cocoon . H e must ma ke or unmake. Inc-rease, ct·eate or dest r oy. Creating. h e t il - c r eases th e world 's h app in ess and prosperity; d est r oy ing. h e detire- ciate!! their values. He whose existence is o t·d e t·e d by the word "Can't' '- what is he? A d estroyer! H'e im pe d es progress. If he does happen to w o r k he does so half-h E11 rtedly. impe rfectly. at a l l times e n courag- ing fa ilure by his f l'a r of It: Ills fee bl e s trength It is whic h drags bacl< the creato r H e whose pa ssword is ' 'Can," this p e r son has a spine. Xo coward is b e, af r a id of the shadows ot Life . But petty mind!' harass him; h e creates. cre~Hes , crea tes; ye t they destroy . d estroy des troy. "Cau" Is th e fl E' r son whom I want y o u to b efrle nct n lwnys. Don't be a compa nion of "C'an't'-t ry, try. try. you Wtll create a n d progress , leaving "C'an't' ' In th E' clttt!t, but- r e member . "('un't" still Jives; you w ill meet him agu ln . K. B. STAHl\:. Y I.

-- o---

'l'H 1·: HT.Ul"l.

T lo\·e the Hta r ::~ whe n the cloucls ro ll past. Anct th e~· at·t' lt>ft to >{!Ille r. u t last. Bright us the ll !!: ht on the wot·Irl they l':.t!~ loud b last, That has mact.. tlw ft>urful world u~hu>H . I love t111• !\turs o n a rainy night. Whe n thl:'y pee JI, then hlclt•. a:- If in frl~ht At the s h udnw wnrld , shown hy tht•h· II E; lt t. Or by a r ay of tht> moonlight hrle:h t, Piercing the dnrk nf ,, r11iny nl~:hl. I IO\'e th e !ltu r !! when the ~ky'~ deep l.Jlue And they ~lenm a nd In ugh an!l thtnt·e une' ' ; ('lear a nd s teady. nnd bright to Yie w - mnt'L1 liJ,I' a 1!'Uat'tl to \\lltt'h o'er you. Or likt> :t frh.•tul who I~ warm :111d true.

I Eclltor'!l :\ote. Tiler•• Is a technica l ftnw In the detnlls of the piN. hut that must lw overlooked hy kindly critlcsl

'I \It\ l'OHTE!t . Y .

Bt·is bnu (' G it·ls' Gt·amnuu• School :\IaguziJw.

Bri..;:IJa Ill' Gi l'l s' G t•;ut tllla t' Sdwul )la~azjuc.

The conve n t bell s chimed m us ica lly once more. Once again t he deserted t'lois Le rs became Jleopl ed with t h e black s toled , blac l\ hooded sisters, so ft-vo iced a nd lig ht-footed, who Cl'ossed t he mselves devoutly a s they hurried to a nd fro. 'Vhat was t h at hurst of exquis ite me lody tha t r ose from the ru ined c ha pe l '? Softly, softly, it reached me, in low mournful murmurs, ming ling weirdl y.. yet musica lly, with th e tremulous s ig h- ing of the wind. )low It rose loudl y, clearly, a nd exulta ntly as if [ 1·om a t11ousand t hroats. Again i t r eached m e in low mournful murmurings. and again i t rose exu ltan tly In pra ise: Th e exqu hslte harmon y he ld me eu t r a nced. My very be ing was t r ansfo rmed. and 1 seemed o r anothe r world as t he melod ious notes ran g in my ears and c1·ept into t he inmost cham bers of my sou I a nd linger ed lovingl y there. Sudde nly th e li ght of the moon was obscured. Th e music ceased. a nd the s pe ll was broken. 1 s tirred uneasil y, and with a s t a r t I r ea lised t h.at it wa s ve ry late, and th at my friend s would become a larmed at my I>ro longcd a bsence . Slowly a nd t houg htfully I wended my way home. A vague r emembra nce of t he wonde r f u l mus ic s till clun g ronn ll me as I thought of t h o marvell ous beauty of the nig h t, and t he influence it had exerted ove r me. " Luminous str eams of dPlight in the stlent immens ity fl owing. J ou rneying ::~ urgc l essl y on through impalpable ethers of Jlf'at•e; How can 1 th ink of myse lf wh e n Infinitude o'er m e iH g lowing. Glowing with tokens of love from the la na where my ~orrow Hha ll eeuse'I"-T. Brunton Stephens. LILIAN BOCK . IV. A. ---o---

'CHE P .-\h'll GRO\' E.

It wa s holiday time. and we were a t Ta mbo urine. Hav ing been to most of the places Jf inte rest except t he Pa lm Gro ,·e. we d el'ided to go t h ere. So. armed with s tout sticks (in ca se of s nakes). we se-1 out. Follow ing a narrow trac k. we made our ·way down hill. though ra1her s lowly. for we found ma ny ripe wild raspberries and goosC'- berries. At length we reached the Grove, a nd what a s ig h t met o ur eyes! We ('O ttld see dim . cool g lades w hich lool\ ed just a,; thoug h they we r e inviti ng exploration , a nd a long t h e tracl\ we- fol - lowed, grew gia n t maide n- ha ir, t ree- ferns, g reat stag-horns . ancl nume rou s othe r ferns. It was coo l a nd qu iet in among t h e palms. and soon t h e- ferns g r ew less. until. at last , we fou nd oursel ves walkin g on dark. han! ground, whil e round us . wherever we looker!. ta ll , graceful pa lms towered overhead, s h utti ng out the s un. There was no co loU I' he r e . except wh en a oright, sca rl e t !'ltr in g of berries hung from a s ma ll pa lm. F u rth er on , we found a clear s tream fl owing lazily a long. On its ban l;s ma iden -hair g1·ew. a ncl often tra!led its l ong fronds in the clea1· water. Passing the stream. we began to notice oth er fe rns growi ng again . and our guide told us that we \Yere nearing the other side. Then the palms grew less numerous: sma lle r ferns g r ew In profn- .slon. aud even some tiny creepers with !fright flowe rs sh owed them- selvt>s. So we c·amc Into lhP dazzllnl! sun light. and everyonP dt>darcl1 th;;t it had hf'f-11 H mo;;t PlljoyuhiP ' ' alh-P\.('t'Pt fo r tllf' mo><- qnitne". DOROTHY YOPNG, 11 1. ~ . ---o-- All was still tcl a~:ainst the ha~e nf the cliff. and IIH tl't!mn lons song of tlw nhdtl wind as it ~il!;hccl tendE:rly and ~arlly 1 hrough 1ht. tree-top>', HPhlnct me dlml~· outliuecl In the moonlight stood a ruiuc·d ('Onvent. and awa1• in the back$!TOUIHI was the, forest dar!; nncl forbidding of as]tec·t i~ the shadowy light. Alone. m•ath lhf' !itar-strewn t!liV, itJ the light or the flilve ry moon. with the HOUtHI of thP wuvl'li and wind ringing softly In my ear~. my thouJt;htH <'


'Fi ll•: BHOO I~ .

,\tin\\ 11 frnm till' lllllllllfaln, c:urgl inJ.: with glt•P, 'J'hl' hrnok!Pt Is laughing ltH Wit)' to tJHI ~l'H. I n s hndow und tmnl!ght, Thrn' J.:l!'ll t'lc.ll' and roo!, Hushing and Jpaplng Down to tho Jlnol. And on Its way dancing 'T'hro' meadow und l ea. 'T'h(' tale or Its lruvf>l!! To he•a r to 'uw R!'a.

fiUTII !\l ll~HO. Ill. D.

.Brlsbullt- Gh·ls ' G•~unJ-11.1 11 " !-klaool .\la;.:a;r.lm•.

R1•ishmu• Girl s' G•·anJJna t• School l\lagazill<'.

1.'HB Sl.J~OOWXJ<;Jt. The sunset g l ow was hidden behind great masses of darl\ grey clouds. and the wind sigh ed and moaned among th e g um lree!i . An old m an , sad. w ear y. bowed with the sorrows and disappoi nt- ments of li fe, t•·udged a long the road. H e looked up a t the ci arli stormy sky. mutter ed some thing to himsel(, and prepared to tai\C shelter for the night under an over-hang ing rock by the way-sid •~. That n ight h e dreamed that he had found peace and rP.sl in the well-remembered country town where he had passed his ch i l dhood. At dawn h e sta rted on t he road with a ligh t h eart, for h e was going back to his little grey home among the hills. Fo•· man,· y ears he had trudged aloug the roa,d which l ead s to an ywhere. see k- ing r est where none cou l d be found, while some unknown force within him compelled him to wander on. H e was v er y tired now. and his st eps l agged as he nea r ed the end of his journey, but he f elt sll·angely happy, and how his heart l eaped for joy a t the si gh t of t hose fami liar hill s. Why. there was the wattl e grove wher e. as a boy, he had dreamed go l den dream s of you t h, and buill castl e'! in the <~ ir. H e sat down in th e shade, and, over com e with w eariness, he f ell asleep . The birds wer e singing overh ead , the bees w ere hnmminA" among the wattle blooms. and a light breeze slirrert the bo ughs. !lcatter ing over the wear y traveller a shower of gold dust . Onet more the Run waH !:letting hehind the blue hills In the w est, l eaving an after-glow of fluming l' rinHion und gold m er g ing Into sortt>r shades as the light want>d. A glor i ous sunsel. The next flay they found an old man ly ing dear! in the wattlf' grove. His clothe~ were cluflty and t ra vel-worn, but hi s fa re, a l - though lined and furrowed with c·are, was calm and peacefu l. lle had come to thP PJHI of hi~ la'lt long journey. II. RY :\11<~ 9. \'. - --0---

' ' l'O B.POJSES!"

The sky g listening with the brilliant rays of the sun, oer tops . anrt sl opin g gently meets and mingl e!:! with th f' waters beneath . Nelltune, >~ootlH' cl h y 1he warm <·arPss('!:l of Phoebus. in HWCI'' s lu m bPr s lies. Not even th fl tiniPRt r ippl e d:trPS to clist urh the 'l l !'ep of f h r i r mi g ht y t yrant. nu t who a r c these that presume to invite l he wrat h o f the g r eat Sea-God'! Sl eek. rlnrk hocties t hat dart from the cleep wnter s. a nd n i mbly c l ea ve t he unbro lcen surfucc•. to r eturu Onl'e m o re ~ From th e lips o r t he on l ool disturber s of his peace t o his cool. translucent courl. T.B. & E. F . ---0--- FTI J•:Io: TI"L\XHJ.~ATIOX 01-' Onto: '1' 0 sn,PJ('L\ (Tihullus.) 0. :\1a r s. thou mi g hty God of Rattleficld! One, on thy Kalends, Plaims thy tribute rure. Gaze down upon Su l picia, hu t take t·u•·e. Lest in your rapture you l et fall ynur 11h i eld, Cupid, c ruel boy. at h er bright l'YI"H. Ligh ts torches t wain. wh en h!' rtoth wish to hul"ll

Till•: S \\" .\I , JAt\\"S S0:\0. "\\'inter I!! c·omin ~." lh!' Rwallow Raid, AM IH' flull l'I"Ccl with hi~ wing. "Away I 'll IW to a Wlll"llll'r climt•, But I'll c· again In the R11ring." I'll c·oml' ha<·k when 'tis wa rm agaiu , \Vhen tref'H do bud and flower, Wh<•n the da:vs are hrlgllt and long again, I'll come to the eav<'H, to my bower.

The Gods Divine, while at her every turn Grace follows a ll unseen, and round her flies. SometimeR Rhe w ears her hair unbound, and lo! I t seemtl that hair un!>ound shou ld always he. Rometimes she roirs it. t h en It seems to m"' That. rolfecl. T must hefore h er wort~hip l ow. If Tyrian r obe she clonH, or puri"H! whit e, I n both sh e ru l <>H my heart , en<'ll!l nlH my si g ht .

JJ\~AN i\IILNI<~. I\'.

F.. MURRAY. Fnr"m VL

lkis l.>11 ou · {~il'ls ' Go·a IIIJ llat' Sc·hnol ;\fH;;nz iH<' .

llt•isbunc Girls ' G•·am.ltull' Rcltoo l ;\(ag-nz im•.

s urroundings; but. a las! so ma ny h a ve been inspired before us. t h at t he re is noth ing ori g ina l left in the atmosphe r e for us to absorb. A l t h ough our form is composed of g irls from the sepa rate F ourth forms of last year, we a re now loya l membe r s o! t h e Fifth . t;sually we a r e all very ha ppy , but at present we fee l a nything but light-hearted , for our s p i r i ts are overclouded by t he shadow of the approaching exams. The. furn i t u re in our room is a source of g r eat t rot;ble and annoyance, for the seats creak hor r ib ly when w e sit down, and the blackboard persists in f a lling at critical moments. But the p ictures of scenes from Shakespeare's plays which adorn our walls make up for t hese s l ig ht inconven iences. or course, we do n ot need to te ll yc u that beside!. L>eing repr~­ seuted In A and B Tennis. a nd B Ketl>all teams, we h ave in our form t he Sports and Swimming Captains: and Ma ud Gubby, la! midwinter vacation. \Ve hope that thl'Y and all t he party wi ll haV"e a most enjoyable h o lid ay. To th~ majority of the S<' hoo l, who are no t going . we would gh·e ou r hesL wh;IH•s for a happy holiday wht'rf'vr>r thry may s )wncl it. 1\'..\. "l•'orevt-r and TV. A." i!l the lusrrlptlou which appears hefort> the eyes of girls from euc·h ot la"t Y<'ar' s thircl form~ \\'p havt> mo\'l'cl from the sunny emllern do&; rooms to the windy \Hstt>r,, wing. wherP c•ac•h ,.Pcl as the mistJ'l'l'I!!HI fl't> l the varying degrl!os of coolness. • W e g lo r) in the posl'esslon of a rl'!prcsentntivc in A Tennifl IE>am. an d one lu A Netbu ll . Each Tuesday afternoon we SJlCJHI a !nuo us hulf-hour on the nethall court. anti thou1-h most ot us nre novices, we nn • very enth uHiusli<' Tlw '1\ nu l ;~ ('up ha~ lweu left to us by our fort:lrunners, and we mran to do our b£~t to J'eta in It thi>~ year . l\J iss Loc klngton is our form mistres~. Mi~s Stet)dmnn ,·ery k ind ly g ives us haH-nn-hour of h er lehmre on Thur~tluy aftt•rnoous, when Abe readfl us inter<'Rting llt erutnrP, This Readiu,~: Circle i H'l'~ much npprel·lnted hy thP ~il'ls.


n. \Vc arr now grappli ng with <'xaminntion prt Jlel·s . and inricl e nt- n lly. compos in g fo rm n o t ps fo r 011r Magazin C', a ncl to onc or u~ at least. the latte r tas k is t he more pe rplexin g. Th er e a re re fe rence hoo ks a nd g u ide bootes on eve r y conce iv- nhle s ubj ec t , a nd yet we may sea r ch w h ole l ibr a r ies in va in fo1· n s in g le sugg<'sllon !or our form notes. Is t h e re no wo1· thy p rofE>ssor w ho w ill c·ompil e a text-book fo r us on t h is pa in f ul s ubj ect ? \Vf' O!!SUl'e h im that h is name wou ld be inarr iherl hi gh Jn the ~~· ··o il or fnmP. anrl t h a t surceeding grn er atlonR would ri Rf' up lo do him hon our. Yet the philosophers tell us t hat " whe n the m in d g rap ples with n g r ea t ann in t r icate probl em, it mnlc es its advancea. it secu r es itR posit ions s t e p by !il ep, with but li ttle r ea lisati on of the ga ins I t haR made, unti l suddenly, with a n e ft'er t of a brupt Ill umination. it realises Its victory." So let us hope we are p rog1·esslng. \Ve have had quite a number or e njoyable ou tings this year. During the first term we went down to Sankey-Fraser·s. accom- panied by ~1lss Lyons, to see the lovel y collection or Wodgewood rh Ina. that they had lately secured. And toler, we we nt ,..,.it h h er to lh~> l'nlvl'rlilty to hear a very interesting lt>C'l ur c> on the- ruins of Pompeii A party of 11. aiM went to th~! concert lately arranged hy thn DiC>kPn., FPIIow~;hlp Soc·lety. anrl to hear the Don Cossack <. hoi•· Th ... r .. wa,; , hf',;icle!! the vl,;ll to the Queensland .i\rt fnts or RJIOrt, unci ar~> hoping, thPr<'fOl'e , to do well In th<' intPr-fonn rompetltlonR that will takt plnrr In the next half-year. v. Onl'e mo•·e W~> arP rnllt?d 11pon to write rorm notes; that lncvlt- ahlf> ta~k whirh hrings terror to the hearts of our lltPJ·urv sta t's, and ~

BJ·is baH<' Gh·ls ' G1·ammm· St'hool ~ la~azin l' .

Brisbanc Girls' G m lll )Hil l ' Sch oo l ~Jaga:r. i n(' ,

1\'. c. As this is t he first opportu n ity to tell you abou t oursel ves s ince we have rejo iced in the name of IV. C. , we must mak e t h e most of it. All last year's t hird fo rms a r e well re t>resented-we even t>ossess seven Commercia l g ir ls, whose assistance may be r e- q u ired in ou r money ma tte r s . if our vases con tinu e to br eak as ! req nen tly as t h ey h ave r ecen t ly. In s por t , t he fact t hat ou r captai n set s a good example in A T ennis team, h as its e ffect. T her e a re two other s i n A a nd one j n B Netba ll team , so IV. C is quite we ll kn own . We must wa it un til t he Tnte rform Spor ts to see wh a t ha ppe ns th en . A few membe rs of our form we nt to hea r t he Don Cossacks Ch oir. a n d we r e wafted fa r beyond this worl d o f lessons a nd exams . to o the r s pheres. . T he Alber t Ha ll a lso was t h e r endezvous or !'CYera l of our form when so many Grammar g il·!!; went to the Dickens Recita l. Perh a ps t he r ecital has inspired some of IV. (' to a t tempt a n essay fo r l h e Dicken s' Essay P r ize. Ou r geograp!l Y lesson s have beEn ver y inter<'sting lately. a:; wonde r fu l s pecimen s of t h e wor k of th e Pacific Island natives have been brough t by members of ou r fo rm wh o have r elatives-not natives-in t hose parts. Among t he Ilarty that is journeying to the Jenoluu Caves dur- ing midwinter t hree of out· g irls wil l be round. .\ 11 the less fortunat<' beings In I V. C hope t hat t h ey w ill be very observant and tE'll us a ll about it after wards. \Ve must concl ude n ow, wis hing evet·yon e a n en joyable h oli- day, egpecia ll y a ll those who are ~~;oing to t he J pno tan Caves. H ..\. It Is !arlers, but at thut timl' !II.,\ , \\as t'OlllfiO-d of different girls. The present Ill. A consh;t!! of twenty-nin,, children, all studious. but some quiet and othern inclined to hP m••rr_.'. The lnst half-year has been a very unevPntfu l one fnr onr form. as nothing outside the routine of les!O during last term we hade u tearful turPWP.IJ to one of our mistresses, who left u s to be married. Snell~' mindfu l of the fact that our note!> an• not very enter- taining. yf'l hop ing you will find umple c•onsolation in the oth<>r lt<•llli-! of our mnguzlne, we shall usk your lbtVt> to J'Ptlre. but before cloing 110 wP must not forget to offl'r to evt>r ynnP our heartiest WIM[H'!! for htlpJlY holidays du r ing thl' NIMillllg th l'!>l' Wt'€'li!!.

A number or us went wi t h TV. B to hea r the Don Cossack:; . and we spent a de lightfu l even in~?. \\"e are trying to s uppress o ur hig h spirits . a nd a r e devo tin ~ our time to stu dy, fo r t h e j uni cr exam . looms n ea r. a nd we hope to depart . remembered as t h e IV. A o f good wor k a n d good beh av io ur by every mlst1·ess. \\'e ~ i ris exten d our wish to oth e r forms t ha t fortune may sm ile on t hem, in t he examina t ions . TV. n. Le t us la lte a peep at IV. 8 a nd fi nd ou t wha t we ca n a bou t t h em . The c lasses are in mornin g assemb ly now , so we s hu ll wa lt in the classr oom unlil t hey come over. Situa t ed in t h e detach ed wing of the school , it is qui te a large, a iry 1·oom, well venti lated. bu t it can be col d sometimes. Assem bly is over now a n d the g irls a re com ing acr osH. The sight of their scu r r ying and scr ummaging brings to one's mind a very d ifferent vision of girls many yea rs ago-prim l it tl e g irls , who behaved so n icety. ~ow they are in t h e c lassroom. :.' shan't go In just yet: there Is a chance that our ea rs wilt not stand the strain. \\' o hear all kinds of conversation; examllla ti ons. t he weather. sport, teacher>< and ~w scuffles. From the mixture or conversation we may pi clt o u t a few rarh; worth rArorclllur. A :\flss Anderson is often mentioned. ancl Wt> rli"<<·ovel' fhaf slw wa.; their form mistress., whom t h ey unfor- lunat .. h lo>~t at F;""'''l'. nut they wish her well In Rplte of hPr base rlt>"t'rt ion \\'hen StJOrt Is mentioned we lwur that of I V. B ll azPI Shnnk Is in A :-\ctball team. Lillian .John!-nnis players arc mentioned. So the •·rwver!latlon goes on, a little softened. Two evenfng:;' entertainment!! are mentioned, which partie!\ from IV. B attenclPrt nnd enjoyed; one of the Don Cossacks' coneerts, and the Dicken~' FellO"-'Ship Concert. So IV. B are not entirely without dcep1•r fl'l'l- tn~ when they enjoy good concerts. Members of IV. C, the neighbouring class, come to beg, borrow or steal the duster. rlatming ownership. A heated argument on tJ,e }JOint arises, rach class claiming that the duster belongs to them. But Miss l

\ 1

B r·iJ.. b a n •· G ir·l,; ' (;J ~IHUIIHI' Sl'iwo l )la:,:a :f.i n <' .

B•·is ban t• G il·ls ' Gr·anl)nm· Sc·hool Mng-az irt<' .

m. B. \Vlth zest we toil in form III. B. I n Gree k and Che rn. and History. F earing l est the m istr ess s tern, Shou ld g ive u s oth er t hings to learn. \\'e grasp our books in frantic h a s te. For th ere is never time t o was te; And noise lessly (?) we st rive t o cam , T h e good rega rd of each in t urn. Ou r c·a p tain t r ies wi th won ied frown , T o do h e r work a nd kee p us d own; Fo r mis t r esses a r e prone to thin!\, T hat not an eye s hou ld ever b l in lc Our Bess ie is the pride of all: AI te·n nis s h e neally sE>nd s the ball OYer the net in s piPncl id style. \\'l1 i!'h rna kes the others wonder awhil e. \re hope you'll pardon t his >< urmise, That form III n will Y~-'t sur prise All ntlwr fnrms. who think they t·un. TIPu

\\'e have q ui te a good r e puta tio n o n t h e s ports fie ld . our Form Capt a in being ve r y int erested; while ot h e rs a r e a lso e nthu- s ias tic in ten nis a nd swimming. l n fact , we are p roud t o own one o t' t h e s w imme r s in t h e schoo l team. \Ve are fo nd o f gymna s tics. ma n y o C o ur num hPr lwing fa iry- foo lNl whe n d !s play ing t h em se lv<'s o n l h o rin gs. At preHt>n t we s p'encl muc h t ime in s tud y ing. hut w h pn t h e exa ms . a r·e ove r a nd the ho lidays come, we shall not b e seen ca rry- Ing l es::~o n bootes until we commence s d1 001 agu in . w i t h m a n y new girls 1 Lowe r 'rh ii'CI ) , fo r whom WI' mus t Rt> l 11 good !'Xa m pl e ll y mnnnc •·s. if no t hy hi' !I In s. nT. n. We few! '"e h a p py few- wp hnncl of Grammars! \YE' of TTL D a r e a jolly lot o f- no, we c·annot say Qu!'en8land!'rs . fot• o n e or our l'Omra d es is a n E ng li s h girl. '"e dwe ll in the r oom cross t h e ten n is court, a nd o u r peace a nd q ui etness Is often broken by a n offending eng in e whi<'h senu~ lls c lear. m u s ica l n ote rin ging throug h the room. Our ta lent is remarkab le, especia lly in t h e way of music. We arc very fond flf c la ssics . too. "Show me t h e way to go home" :J c ing our favourite ((lsperia ll Y when we a r e ](ept In). On A p r il ~'oo l s' Day we. went to Petri!' with somE' mem he r s or o th!' r II f' s. un d o u r· For m 1\llst rcss , 1.\ll~s C'u m plw 11-I3rown. As we ll us foo li ng other s w<> W!'rP fool e d ourRelvc'l. fnr it pi'O\'ed a rai n y upon " "· whic·h <'\'£ n l w' nrp all iookin e; forward to with the utmost joy f(IPt'hapRl Hut h :.tunro Is our he lovcd rnptnin. and ~;ll t•t•n :\tnrdonnell and !<' Iorr ie ~l r Donald are vic< ·r pt.tlns Huth's ahlo ;; upporters. I n sports we are wel l reprcs« nted. ltuth ~lunro rlO!!s ull the jumping. over poles as we ll us at c·onduslous, and .J t.>a n B~·erley i~ nur runner. lu the gym. a bo everyhud~ knows wht>u III. D b ha\'- ing u le,;son . for many a resountling thumt> und thud Pdw through tlw hulltllt.'Ss of the srhnol , when we arc clown the re. \VP a r e none of 11 !1 fnil'if.ls. Thl' exam!!., as bt>fore men tioned, ure produring n g r ea t df"UI of lndus tt'Y on the. part of the poor vil'thns. who n rc f:lud that they do not come every month , for It suc·h was the CliStl there would he very fpw left in I ll. D. the s tress on the ir m e ntn l uhlllty IH'ems to he ulrt>nrly giving wa y,


Ill. ( '.

T..., ..hP "'"'"h"'-HII tl it >'X:tlll" flrC bf'l'(>, \\'e> t>!lll J. .. •p up th .. nput din11 ntr wt> learn or not, only o111' mbtl1>nd to . ~IIIC'll of our time. af ter exam". will h•• RpPnt ln. training t'or the Int cr- J.'orm S)lortll next !Prill , so that wt• may ket<(l tllP S po r t -. C'utl won hy L. Ill. ( ' In t )t~ our c·lasR room.


Ht•isba n<' Git·ls' Gt•nmmm· Schoo l ;\lag-a.:r. hH•. -- --------------

l~R0;\1 T H ..: ' \ ' ,\ H S I T Y. \V(' ha ve sa id far ewell to Lex ie Dra ke, who graduated th is yea r . a nd to Frtda Oxnam. who s pe n t a part of last year with us. J ess ie Stephenson. who a lso g rad uatecl wi th seconds in Classics. has r et urned for nno th e r yea t·. Th e Third Years , l\larjorio Bulcock. Marger y Park , a nd Esme S rhith , look fo rwa rd to the e nd of Exam- ination per iods; th e Second Yea rs, Gladys Hals tead , Dora Ha rding. ~jllznbeth Nimmo , and In Sc ie nce Ena Ede n and Dorothy Hill, a r e living out t he ir time to t h e fu ll. And t hree Fresh e-rs have com e to s we ll our rnnlcs. Leslie Campbe ll-Br own, Es ther Loose. ana Patricia MacGrego r; we hope they a re now quite at home. and will i n time lll"OVe a va lua ble a ddition to 'Vars ity life. l hll ll Co llowlug- in t he rco ts t e ps of t he ir predecessor s. whose re putation sta nd s high. Doroth y. Gwe n . IDiizabeth a nd E sme play for the 'Vnr sily Hockey team. a nd J essie for the tennis . Gladys llllCI Gwen a r e important m embe rs of the Dr11mntic Society, whilst we nre •·epresented in De buting. and hav£> :1 Rtro ng following on the muHicn l side l n fnc ·t, wh!'J'ever the re Is a n available l'O illlnlttee. you may look to lind au Old Girl. Ou th e !;OCilll s idl'. t <-u. whic'h Is not without due effec-t in brouclening one's outlook and .e:ivin~ a mental tloi se- that mie;ht ot he rwise be lack in g (quite a t>art from all consi deration of the pleasure involved) our Old Girl s play a t>rominent part. And WE' would plead with the Old School to send us many more of tlw sam e s tamp as those who have pussecl out, or who are llt ill there. Th en• Is u niche fo r e veryone: thet·e Is worlt ror everyone: there Is a full life waiting. a nd t he pl eaHure t hat natura ll y r esu lts from a life lived to th e full. \\'e n1·e yet a youn~ University, but our rc tlltlation iH high. a nd must he tanil•d on by RU<' h us the Old ~k h oo l <'all ~end us.

('0:\DII<~UCl:\ L. Here, at last. we come in to the l imelighl. Ju st s ix mon t h.-; o~o WI' fornwd ou r ha 1>PY family, prac tically s trangers to each o th er; hut now, on thE' who le. we are all f r ie nds. Our t'oom !'I a vPry pl !'asa nt one, next t o 1h C' Rlucl io . \VI' n t·c- notl'll. :1111011~ th e miHlrl'ssPs. for having our vasps a lways f iiiNI w ith tlow('Ts whic h us ua ll y remind c.ne o[ the "Last Roses o[ Rumllltl'r." nnd our lodce r !:l ! Are they not the tidiest in t he sdwol ? Al t h oug h many fa ll to agree with us on that po inl. \Ve chose Kath leen Morley fo r our Form Captain, an d we a re of th e ununfmou !:l opinion t hut we ch<.'6e w!He ly. She tnk<'!! n grl' n1 interC'st In our form anti d eserves c t·ecl i t for he r t enni s. F:a rh onl' o r us is a g r Pnt !< port enthus ia s t , and we hope to malc e n naml' for ours<> lvl's in th r future. --- o--- HOt"SJ.~ XOTJ<~S . The Famllv this h alf-vear I s a large one. atH.I conseq uently dte quietness of ot;r leisure ~oments Is very orten disturbed hy thf' sound ot shrill voices raised in enthu stastfc a ltercation . Some of our mernhet·s are busily engaged In preparing for forthcoming music examinations. We wish them the very best or luC'k There have been two changes in the House s ince last year. ~tlss MacMillan came to us In Miss Weaver's stead a nd Miss White- way took thf' place or !\!Iss Blaine, who left u s t o be married. We> have had quite a numbe r of enjoyable o utin~s lately. W e wero all thrfllc cl with th1. Don Cossack Choir. and n lso on our r e turn rrc m Sr aramouch <> we practised the noble art or fencing· -wit h rulerii. On June :lrd we had a most delightful picnic to One-Tree Hill with :\lise Lockfn~ton. ~lisa Irving and ~Tiss :\1acl\1fllan. We stnrted from school at seve n o'clock and "trammed" to Paddfngton. Thence we walked to the Summit, having breakfast on the way. \Ve spent the rest or the day In this vicinity and returnf>d hom£> via Toowong. We should lfkP to takp this opportunity of thanking thl' ltC'HI · !lt~nt :\llstrPRSI'fl for this p!C'nic-not forget ting our mnt1·on. ;\lis~ \Yhito>way-uncl ul~o ror the amount or trouble thE'Y ltuvP always taken In orclf>r to lllllk!' our Saturrlay urternoon~ lllOHt E' Ji joyahiP The hoarciPI'Ii arP nrclPnt netba ll f>n;, a ncl OH a rPMult nf 1\ll~<~ It·ving'll untiring pffort~ u~ c·ou<·h we Hhould h11ve qutt er a lfoocl tPam whPn we meet 1 tlw Day Girl~ Ro Day nirlR, HPwllrP!

---o•-- -

J•: \'1•: :<.'1'1111•: Sl \ SET. The s uu h; shl\\ ly sink ilt A, ;;luhiug I n the n•d and lnvPiy "I'Ht; Tht hints an• holllP\IHrd flyin~:. !lying To their Young onPH in the Il lS I. ThP moon is sof tly rising. rismg, O'er the mountains blue a ud high ; Thc sta1·s are now upeeping, peeping In the clat'k and c·loudy sky,

N. (lNA'rt!K . Lo\\ l'r <.'ommcrdal.

lkbban e Gir ls' Gmml lUil' Scl,ool )fagazine .

·- - ------

TF.XXIS XOTJ<~ S. The Tennis season th is year bas resulted in one de feat at the:: hands of Southport. This loss. however. we have g r eat hopes I)( redeemin~ next half. Our Old Gir ls' match in the beginning of the term was a g r eat help to U!!, both in the practice gained and in the hin ts r eceived We should lil;e to thank the Old Girls for their valuable assistance. \\'hat the Grammar Schoo l is capable or doing is wen exem- pli fied by th e fact that fou r of Queens la nd 's inte rstate players a1·e o ld Grammarians . We shou ld lilce to tal\e t h is opportuni ty of con g ratu lating Kath Cole man, our 1924 Tenn is Captain. on her exce ll ent pl ay aga inst Mrs. Turner, whom we a r e al so proud to cla im as an Old Girl. and whom we should like to cong ratulate . sbe hPin l\ now lady champ ion of Qu eensland. :\I. Pratten a lsc• put in some excellent work against !llrs. Tu rne r . Our thanks are likewise due to the B.B.G.S. team for the het11 t hey have given us by coming over ever y week. Our 8 team bas had a successful season, winning three matchel:', the match with C. E. G. S. end ing in a draw. The results or this season's match es !tl'C: Points. Poir,rs. B.G.G.S. V. I.G.G.S. 22S 1!19 St. Hilda's v. B .G.G.S. 21S 1.4 B.G.G.S. v. B.G.H.S. :!:!2 195 R.S.H.S. v. B.G.G.S. . . 15S 248 u.c: .G.3. v. C.E.G.S. . . 246 lSI Y. (llas:-op has RC'rne particularly thw c·l'OliR-rourt drl\·p.-, Her se rve has a good le11gth. olthOu't'h the 111 •·ond !'Ould be faster. He1' nPt play I!'! wenk. and bcraust> or this. too mtwh work is left for JH•r partner. (). Fi ut(' o· has proved hcrsPI( a vulunhh• nlly hy hf'r st(:~rly play. whlt-h she ha,; lnpt Ull tbrou~bout tlw Rt'nson. She b han!lkappt•d hy her height in hoth hur lll'l )lluy nntl lwr s•·n·it•e. !IP.r hack- hand JICPCI~ il1l)lf0Vl'mE'llt. 'L l•tu·,t•·• is a stron!r playPr \\ith '''n~llunt h•nglh in hoth he1· ser\'ii'P and her drivt>. :o-;p( Jlloy is wt>Hk, nncl tlt~t·d~ mnl'h utten- tiCln. Buc·k-hancl I,; weHk. but thiq has llllJII'11tly.

L .LBR·A.RY. Ther e ha,·e been ma ny changes in the li brary syst em during the last two terms. Instead of the managem ent being in t he hands of \' I and \'. forms. there is now a definite committee- to be known as tlu• "Rean la nd ?.l e moria l Library Commitlee"-cons is tin g of P(e\'eu membe r s, ?.liss Li l ley. Miss Lyons, a nd r e presentatives from \'I.. \' ., and IV. forms. T he committee was forme d, pri maril y . in connection with t he manageme nt of any moneys which may come to the school as a res ult of Miss Beanla nd's gen e rous bequ est, and has a lso tal•c n c ha rge of t h e ex is ti ng li b rary. A new card system of r eco rding w hat boo ks are tal;en out has bee n commenced , and h a~ so far prove d sati s factory: an d n umbers of ne w books have been. a nd are to be, bought. The running or a li brary n ecess itates a large r amount of Wl)l' k. an d the schoo l s ho u ld take more a dva ntage of t he o ppo rtunities it has of reading good boo lis. The number of g i r ls who have cards is very s ma ll in c·omparison with t he numbe r o f girls in lhe seh ool: it is atrange that more do no t be lo ng, as eve r y girl in the sehool pays library tees with h e r ~ports money. Also, once again we wou ld rt•mind the school that. on leaving, it is customary to JHesen t a hor k to the lihntry From all till' gir ls who le ft la!!l yea r . abou t a dozen books have bcPn rPeeived. rt is to be hoped th a t those who leave this year will set a better {'Xample to t hose who follow I hem. PFJGGY JONES, ' sec reta ry. Wl\ 11 OF 1'tm ~OR'&R. \\.ilh ,, lli'Hr-•• .t.. in~.: lhulHlt·r rumhl<> roar ancl hi lls of ra~c·, Tltt· ltilln~o~ . )lh·rl'in~~: north "inf) hi" !'lHilt •llll \\Ur cloth wngo, II•• rltfll•"' thrttllKh th• · l'ity, lhf'll trav!'rst'" Ill!' pla in Th.. n lu a o;ort .. r nHllnt nl lw hrin~o:s th" farmC>l' rni n. lint wh .. n hP llltl'His in fury anrl sc·onr~;ps a ll thto land \\'jl)l W)(t) ltlltl hlll••flll tlllsi-,;forllls alltl "fOI'IllS of lJitillf, ,;anfl O, lht• north w lull is 11 t .. rro1·. an o\'<'rl'nling god, 0, th•• llorth "inti is ;o l•••Tor. wo• h• ncl lwfort• hb rod . ---0 - --

J. JIJ<:!If'DHY . Lower <.:omnlPI't 1al.


SWDDi l\"(l \ OTI•: !-4. \Vu were very di8appointed at losing th<' Rwimmlng this year- so was the !khool , To aid practice. pen nl•n;lou was kindly e;iven to I!'O Tu~cluy and l<~riday afternoons to RWimmlng. Tho h•am ~irl!i

Hl'isbu •• <· Git· ls' (; ,·u n l,lllll l' Sduwl )l a~nzhu•.

practised th e ir leve l b est towa rds the Brockway C up co mpetition ~ go ing al mos t e ve ry d a y t o the baths a va ilable round Bris ba n e . The duy o f the B rockway Cup arrive d. \\'e we r e without the h e lp of Els ie Green . one of our last yea r' s s wimme r s . who unfortu- na t e ly had d e n g u e . and were outc lased a ga in by t h e Hig h t st, St. Hilda'~ 2nd , a nd Sta t e High 3 rd. I t was unfor t una t e fo r u s tha t we drew In t h e h ea t wi t h the High and St. Hilda ' s. Ou r ' l i fe -savinl! team was a lso without the h e l p of E ls ie G r een , a n d d id not secure a p lace. All t h e t eam g ir ls u nfortu natel y we r e ha nd ica (Jped by deng u e, two of w hom we re just gett ing ove r it. In t h e I nte r sch oo l Sports we did no be tte r, o n ly secu ring seeonds a nd thirds in h eats . a nd then be ing outc lassed in t he semi- f in a l o r fin a l. \Ve cong r a tu la t e t h e Hi g h o n secu·rlng the Brockwa y C up a nd l nte r sch ool. Als o St. Hilda ' s, who secure d second p lace i n bot h event s . jus t managing to lose the I nte r school hy o n e po int. Our Brockway Cup team cons is t ed of B. A ld e r. B. Schu l t e, V. G. Glas!!Ol>. E . Ca ry, while the Lif~-saving t ea m cons istE:cl o r B. A lde r . H. S h a rp. A . Ca rmody. E . Ca ry. \\'e hi n<' e r e ly th a nk ~liss Broc k wa y for a ll h e r inte •·es t. bu t the thin~ we s hould h11ve likerl to d o fo r h er. we fou n d hE-yond our strength. Swlmmln" has ~lven place to basltet ba ll , a nd as t h e g irls will h a n · ,,. ... " our rP>mllo; it io; their plu<'e. w h l' n swimming sPasnn rH•l'... ' '" · ' " pr~tt·li,.. .. .,,. h~tnl ""they •·a n that we may d o ver y m u c l• IW11 t' l ' 11 ,.xt YP!tl' P.. (' A H Y ~ I•:T B.\J~ L. The arhlc1·cmcnts or the tlrs t " seven" t h is yt•ar havl' so far · provPII dl~:t(J(Jolntln;:. Our team has been defeated In four out of th• 11\t m•• t<'hc>s playccl this tC'rm. but In most cases the opposing Jl(llym·" L'.dncd the victory by tht narrow mnr~lu or one or two points. Th" team, howi'VPI', pos~i>ssp~ p layPI'!I of great uh ll ity. b u t tlw chief defect Is that they do not reuli~e the UP<·cs,.lty ol' a 'nt nf't ball tl·~ms nrc ull fn tile uppu t.r hool. so thut thP lower S('hool girls shoulrl take fnll udl'ant- Rj:'l of thelt• form pradi<'CS, at< the hulk of llPXt )'I'll I' '!; tl alii Will he· <'ho en trnm thPm.

A s the teams are b e ing cha n ~;"ed a b o ut , and the LlO~ i t ions of som e o f the pla ye r s u o L yet d ec ided upon, t h e r e wi l l be no cri ticism~ in t h is Iss u e o f t h e :\l agazine . ·w e s ince r e ly t h a nk :\!iss Spurg in . wh o o n ce mo r e lws devoted a ~rent dea l of t ime to coaching u s . :\I.S. ---o---

HER B A~)) A PTI<:R . Some thing is coming. we k n ow n o t w h a t: Som ething tbal comes t o on e a n d a ll ; sometl1in g t hat co mes. bu t w e know n o t wh en. As w e watch o ur comra d es fi g h t a n d fa ll. Some thing will com e, 'tis the h a nd of d ea th. Somet hin g comes wh e n we lea ve this land. Someth ing - 'tis e i the r rewa •·d o r b lame. A~ our motl\·es h e r e were good or bnd . " The last sha JI be fi r st, t h e fi r !!l s h a ll bP last"- Go d 's Ho ly \Yo r d ass ures U!l t his. F.'en t h nugh we t r y-a nd fa il in o u r tusk . Gorl w ill h'ad u s to joy uu d b liss. Ru t if W t.> tr~ not to do Il ls wo•·k. Str uggl ing a lo n !<. day in , day out. Help ing our brother>.~ we St't' in n r>c>d. A t the end of life wP l:lhu ll sti ll IH' in douht \ \'e'll douht. that we' 1•e tlonc> our duty •·l~ht. \Ye ' ll rear the death that romes tn nil. \\'C'' ll go on douhtlnlo'(, WP know not what, Till in the t>nd WP shull full. und f;lll "Tlw lust shall he finn. l h e tirst ~hull hP la,..t" So It r ..-ally mutte r>; not 1\hl\t we all Hrl' A>; lung a~ we trn:H in (;ntl's Holy \\·urcl ; ··For the hattie ot lifo leu vel! many n st·ur It lea vt:>s a ~<'Ill' on tlw souls of m e n, It Jeave8 u '!.'Ill' on their fare>~ too: It ~how~ their l'hural'ler- whut the' Ill'• \nd help>< < 11 other>< in \\ork tlwy mu~t do hom!' of tho• s('ars: lea1'c> an ugly m.1rl,, Di~flgurlng the wholl:' of on,,·,. soul. H ardening the heart that erstwhile was put'f', And whidt Ooll nta•e again will mnkt Wl!Ol P.

\I , L . <11\'P~. Ill. ll.

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