Objects of Substance- The Year 12 Badge

The Year 12 Badge—Right or Responsibility?

The Sixth Form badge introduced in 1966.

Even before Girls Grammar had an official uniform, students were wearing the School badge as a symbol of their love for, and pride in, their school. A close look at the ties and blouses of modern Grammar girls reveals that this is still the case; however, there are now more symbols of roles and responsibilities, from House captains to Year 12 students.

The Year 12 badge design altered in 1981, three years after Sixth Form was referred to as Year 12.

The Year 12 badge, introduced in 1966, is one of these iconic and ‘charismatic’ objects. The July edition of the School Magazine that year explained. For the first time the Sixth Form girls have a badge to distinguish them from other forms. This was found to be necessary when Sixth Formers were sometimes mistaken for girls in lower forms. The necessity to distinguish the most senior students in the School at the time reflected the responsibilities delegated to these students. Sixth Formers, or the most senior girls, were expected to maintain the uniform and student behavioural standards of the School, acting as outstanding role

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