Objects of Substance- Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows


One of the many elements that contributes to the remarkable place that is Brisbane Girls Grammar School is its collection of stained glass windows. The stained glass windows in the Main Building and Kathleen Lilley Building are designed for contemplation of the power and resilience of educated young women. Former Principal, Mrs Judith Hancock, understood the importance of leaving a legacy of art within the School and having beautiful pieces for students to see and appreciate. Inspired to develop a stained glass window that would depict the vitality and creativity of young women and their striving, Mrs Hancock consulted with Art Teacher and former student, Ms Jennifer Andrews (1973), to design the window, then to be crafted by renowned stained-glass-window artist, Mr Warwick Blair. The Mothers Group and Old Girls Association, were behind the idea of investing in the windows that now illuminate the Kathleen Lilley Building, around what was the entrance to the former Beanland Library. This is testament to the commitment of our Support Groups to further their contribution and legacy at the School. The six-panel window, Striving , is a contemporary design with a central symbol—an eagle— symbolising power and the drive to explore new horizons. The butterfly images that also appear in the windows suggest transformation, growth and beauty. The window speaks to the unfolding of creativity in all students. Metamorphous was completed and opened in 1999, and was intended to complement the visuals and message of Striving, above the nearby stairwell. This time, Ms Jennifer Andrews (1973), created rhythm and movement throughout her design to symbolise butterflies and an eagle flying in the Striving window. Finally, the narrative of learning was completed with the Tree of Knowledge , designed as two panels to flank the doors into the building.

The vision in-built in the images and emboldened by the flourishing colours and design present as a profound statement on the breadth of education and thinking that the School nourishes in our students.

Ms Lorraine Thornquist Manager of Collections

Art Teacher and former student, Ms Jennifer Andrews (1973), and Artist, Mr Warwick Blair



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