Head Girl badge

Girls Grammar silver badge, and I suspect, inspired the new Head Girl badge of gold plate and royal blue enamel.

1998 Honour Badge

The 1999 Head Girl, Judith Hainsworth (1999) also recalls “If memory serves, we were the first year to have a (gold and blue) Head Girl badge, but we didn't receive them until late in the year or even early in 2000 when the new Head Girls were sworn in.” (Email 04.12.23)

Judith Hainsworth’s (1999) Badges.

In 2000, the Dream it, Dare it, Do it Head Girls, Eleni Anthony and Eleanor O’Gorman were presented at their induction with a glorious gold and royal blue enamel Head Girl badge. Eleni states “I recall it being very special when it was given to me – so I think it was first introduced then... It was all very

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